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To get organic traffic, you have to write content… a lot of content.

Original content. Engaging content. SEO optimized content.

Writing enough blog articles to get search engines to notice your website can be overwhelming, and is a top reason why people give up on their dreams of creating a successful online business.

If you are looking for a better way to produce content for your website, check out Jasper.

Jasper is $59 per month for its boss mode offering, which allows you to use the tool to create full length content. This is not a lot of money when you consider the value:

  • Watch the demo. We were really impressed by how easily you can create good, evergreen content in minutes, guiding the tool to write the article around your outline.
  • The $59/mo. offer gets you 50,000 words per month. For a blogger writing 2,000 words per week, that would get you half a year of content in one month! Talk about accelerating the growth of your website.
  • It’s not just for long form articles. Jasper can write emails, Facebook ads, Google ads, Quora answers, and more!

Jasper is used by top companies, including Google, HarperCollins, and AirBnB. If you want to increase the amount of content your website puts out – you gotta get in on this. Get 10,000 words free for a limited time!

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