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Writing Facebook ads is easy with AI

How to use ai to write facebook ads

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I have been running Facebook ads since the very beginning of Facebook ads. I’ve run multi-million dollar campaigns on Facebook; I’ve run campaigns with daily spend of $5. Let me tell you something, now is one of the most frustrating and exciting times in Facebook ads history.

If you’re running Facebook ads in 2023, some of the frustrations includes the transition from cookie-based conversion tracking (i.e., pixel) to server-to-server based tracking (Facebook Conversion API), limited conversion data on Apple devices post-iOS 14 update, and the removal of the some of the best interest targets (I remember the good ‘ole days when you could target literally any Facebook page).

But, something that is super exciting, is that as all of the specific interest and cookie-based targeting has become broader, your ad creative now reigns supreme. A few years ago, the name of the game in Facebook ads was how well you aligned your interest targets to your campaign. While targeting of course bears some weight, your success with Facebook ads now hinges much more on how well you can create sharp ad copy and eye-catching ad images.

Why is this exciting? Because now you can focus more energy on mastering how to tell your customers why your product or services is awesome, and less on the nitty-gritty of your ad group targeting. And with AI, you have so many ways to do it.

Jasper is an affordable AI writing assistant used by top companies like Google and AirBnB to write original, creative content. If you want to write faster and better, tap here to learn more about Jasper (free trial available!).

How AI works

Using AI is alot like operating a car in that, if you know how the engine works and the rules of the road, you will be a much better driver.

AI tools like Jasper AI (our preferred writing tool) uses an AI algorithm that processes a vast amount of data. They are designed to respond to natural language, and will output natural langauge. When you make a command to the AI tool (“write me a Facebook ad”), it will analyze it’s data set, identify patterns, make predictions and decisions, and then output text.

This is important for AI users to know for the following reasons:

  • The AI is very smart, but can’t read your mind. You need to give it context to get the right output. More context will result in better results.
  • Be specific! This goes in hand with context, but if you want you ad headline in less than 30 characters, just say so. If you want the tone to be friendly, again, just say so.
  • It’s only going to get better. GPT (Generative Pretrained Transformer) and it’s versions (3 and now 4) is like the brains of all these AI tools, and it’s power will only increase as the data sets get larger. That is to say, AI is here, it’s great, and people who don’t get on board the AI train will be left behind.
  • For the best efficiency, use AI tools designed for your work. Jasper AI is an AI tool designed with digital marketers in mind, and will continue to create very efficient workflows for marketing people. You can try to be your own prompt master using the Chat-GPT chat bot (it’s quite fun), for example, but it won’t be as efficient for marketing teams serious about process and consistent work quality. Jasper AI has a free trial, and you can click here to check them out.

The anatomy of a Facebook Ad

The main parts of a Facebook ad are the primary text, image, headline, description, and CTA button.

Primary text:

  • Character limit of 125 (you can write more but it won’t show up).
  • With 125 characters and beyond, the primary text is where you have the ability really sell your product or service with some detail or creativity.

Image (or video):

  • The ad image is often considered the most important element for a Facebook ad, as it is the first thing that draws your audience’s eye.
  • This article is focused on using AI to write Facebook ads, but we will discuss using AI for image brainstorming further down.


  • Character limit of 40.
  • Although the ad image or video is likely the first thing your Facebook ad audience will see, the headline is the first thing they will read, making it arguably most important.
  • The trick with Facebook ad headlines is to focus primarily on grabbing a user’s attention to earn their attention and the click.


  • Character limit of 30.
  • The description is absolutely the least important element of the Facebook ad, and should play a supporting role to the rest of the ad. The description doesn’t not even appear in many of the placements.
  • That said, supporting roles have value! Use descriptions to add specific product or service features, or even just longer form call-to-action language.

CTA button:

  • You can only choose options provided from Facebook (they are in a drop down list).
  • Align the CTA button to your goal. Conversion based capaigns should specificy the specific desired action (sign up or apply now, for example), and higher funnel campaigns (awareness or consideration) should use exploratory call-to-action language (learn more or contact us, for example).
  • Testing CTA button language is an easy, worthwhile thing to do.

Important: What’s key with both the text and visual components of the ad is to ensure it is customized to each placement. With Meta advertising, you are running your ad creative across all Meta-owned platforms (i.e., Facebook, Instagram, Messenger) and placements (i.e., Feeds, Storys, Reels), so make sure each one looks great before pressing publish.

A quick word about ad writing strategy

That last thing worth touching on before diving into AI is the strategy behind a good Facebook ad. When working with an AI writing tool like Jasper AI (which has a free trial by the way), you are now a writing director of sorts. You are no longer responsible for writing each copy variant, but are on the hook for knowing how to guide your AI assistant to get the job done right.

As mentioned previously, AI is brilliant and hardworking, but can run itself into a ditch without proper guidance. So, you need to know what the parts of a good Facebook ad, which I’ve provided below.

Personalized. The image and text considers the motivation behind the audience for what’s being promoted.

Cohesive. There are four parts to a Facebook ad, and they should work together as a team. If you are seeking to highlight a product’s features, focus each part of the ad on that in some meaningful way. Your message will be stronger, clearer, and will make your ad tests better.

Not repetitive. Do not have your ad headline simply repeat what you have in the primary text (or even just paraphrased). Aside from just being lazy, it takes away from your opportunity to add more value to the ad.

Using AI to write the Facebook ad primary text

With the help of artificial intelligence (AI), you can create effective ad copy in a matter of minutes. In this section, we’ll explore how an AI writing tool like Jasper AI can generate high-quality Facebook ad

If you didn’t know, a Jasper AI is built specifically for marketing your business, and has pre-defined templates that provides instructions for generating text for a specific use case or task. With Jasper’s template for Facebook ad primary text, you can easily create attention-grabbing ad copy that resonates with your target audience and drives conversions. So, let’s dive in and see how Jasper AI can revolutionize your Facebook ad copywriting process!

To access the Facebook Ad Primary Text template in Jasper AI, you simply need to select Templates, and then Facebook Ad Primary Text.

A walkthrough to using an AI tool to select the Facebook Ad primary text template.

One huge benefit of using Jasper AI compared to a more open chatbot (i.e., ChatGPT) is that it does a lot of the prompting for you with its many templates. To create a primary text, simply fill in the required text boxes that Jasper asks of you.

In this case, it asks for the name of your company or product, a product description, and the tone of voice. In the image example below, I filled it in for a fake Italian restaurant named “Savoria’s Table.”

Using an AI tool to generate Facebook ad primary text

When filling in the information, here are two key pro tips. The first and most important is to be as specific as you can. If you are looking for a specific type of ad (perhaps to focus on a key benefit or feature), explicitly mention that in the product description.

The second pro tip is to use AI to help you fill in the information! When filling in the information, use Jasper’s chatbox functionality to ask it how the AI would describe your business, and even ask it what tone of voice your ad should be. I’ve put an image below for what this looks like. The text in the blue box is what I asked the Jasper tool.

using an AI chatbot to generate Facebook ad tone language

Now that you have all the info filled in, now it’s time to press Generate and get your new awesome Facebook ad headlines. Here’s what I got in green below.

results from AI command to create descriptions

Amazing! Jasper AI was able to generate this content in seconds. The business owner of our fictional restaurant will be thrilled! And, with all this extra time, the owner can spend more time focusing on other aspects of the business.

Using AI to write the Facebook ad headline

Using a similar Jasper AI template we used to generate the primary text, you can also use it to create a creative and eye-catching headline for your Facebook ad. Again, the process is simple: just open up the Facebook Ad Headline recipe (it’s in the same Templates section), fill in the required information, and press Generate at the bottom.

Using our Savoria’s Table example, we filled in the following for the headline.

using an AI template to create Facebook ad headlines

A key difference here is that Jasper will ask you for some headline examples. This section is very useful to give the AI tool an idea of what you are looking for in your Facebook ad.

If you don’t have any examples to give, you can either leave this blank, make them up on the fly, or use the Jasper Chatbot to generate some for you. I did just that for this example (in the below image, it’s in the blue text).

Using a chatbot to generate headline ideas

With the information all filled in, let’s see what Jasper AI will give us.

Results from a AI command to generate facebook ad headlines

I love these. If I wanted to rewrite these (perhaps to focus on the restaurant’s world-famous mutz), I could simply add that to the description section and re-run the recipe.

Using AI to write the Facebook ad description

At last comes the Facebook ad description. Jasper AI (which is rated 4.9 our of 5 in 3000+ customer reviews) and doesn’t have a template for descriptions specifically (perhaps because they are not as important or difficult to write), but AI can certainly be used to speed up the writing process.

For descriptions, you can simply open up a new Jasper document or use the Jasper chatbot, and write a command like the below (the command is bolded in the below image).

An image of an AI command to generate Facebook ad descriptions

Jasper did ignore my character limit request, but that’s OK! It’s easy to reduce it myself.

Bonus tip: Use AI to brainstorm the image you use!

AI tools are currently best at the text aspect of Facebook ads, but they can certainly help you brainstorm the creative aspects. Check out this command you could use (this came directly below the text used for the description language).

An image of an AI command to generate image ideas for a facebook ad


By now, you are likely hungry for Italian food, but we hope you are also quite hungry to use AI for your next Facebook Ads.

Using AI for writing Facebook Ads can be a great way to save time, produce more creative content, and create the most effective ad campaigns possible. AI tools like Jasper make it easy to get started with AI-generated headlines and descriptions, so why not give it a try? You may be surprised at just how powerful your ads can become. Give it a free try today by clicking here and signing up.

Create content (like Facebook ads and blog posts) 10x faster with artificial intelligence. Jasper is the highest quality AI copywriting tool with over 3,000 5-star reviews. A free trial is available!

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