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These tips will help you write killer paid search ads with AI

How to write killer Google Ads with AI

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Today, artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly being used in a variety of areas. From marketing to engineering to data analysis, AI can help make things faster, easier and more efficient. One area where AI is particularly useful is creating paid search ads like Google Ads and Microsoft Ads.

With the right methods and commands, AI can create highly personalized PPC ads that are sure to capture the attention of your target audience. In this blog article, we’ll discuss the specific commands and methods you can use to create killer paid search using AI. So get ready to take your ads game to the next level!

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Introduction to using an AI writing tool

If you’ve never used an AI writing assistant tool, you may not exactly know what to expect. AI tools like Jasper use natural language processing (NLP) to generate text based on your commands. This is a fancy way to say, you write in natural language to the bot, and the bot will write back in natural language.

What’s key about using AI writing tools is the use of context. While AI tools know a lot, they won’t know what you want them to do unless you tell them. This article will go over what context is necessary to write really good paid search ads; but the concept you’ll learn here can be applied to almost any marketing content (emails, case studies, etc.).

Writing killer paid search ads takes specific commands

Using AI to write is quite simple, but you will get a much better result if you take the right approach. You can in theory write a command like the below (by the way, we’re not an ad agency… this is just an example):

>Write 3 Google Ads headlines that promotes an ad agency named Advertising.

But the command above will likely be too vague. Even if the tool spits out the headlines, you will likely not like the result because (1) you haven’t told the tool the benefits and features you want to highlight and (2) you haven’t given the tool the ad specifications (mainly, character limits).

A better command would be as follows.

>Write 12 Google Ads headlines that promotes an ad agency named Advertising. Advertising is an ad agency that focuses on performance marketing, and prides itself on its ability to deliver high ROI for its clients. Each headline should be 30 characters or less.

And, just check out these results!

I don’t know why Jasper ignored my request for 30 characters, but it’s easy enough to tweak these to cut down the characters. If I want more variety, I can simply rewrite the command to ask to highlight something else (perhaps customer service or something else).

Now, let’s try writing the description

Similar to writing the headline, you want to be clear, and give the AI tool all the info you can.

>Write 4 Google Ads descriptions that promotes an ad agency named Advertising.

If you tell Jasper AI something like the above, you will get generic descriptions, like the below.

These are not bad, in my opinion. Maybe they are a little vague, but these are usable. But, the power of AI is to make your ads amazingly personalized to your audience (and, not just usable). Check this command out.

>Write 4 Google Ads descriptions that promotes an ad agency named Advertising. This ad will be targeted to decision makers who run ads for a marketing department. The keyword used by these decision makers is “how can I lower digital marketing campaign costs.” These descriptions should be tailored to the audience and the keyword, and should be under 90 characters. 

So, when writing your paid search ads, make sure to do the following:

  • Explicitly tell the AI tool what to do, including providing ad specifications.
  • Give the tool all the information needed to write an effective headline that follows Google Ads or Microsoft Ads specifications (including the brand name, landing page, key features, etc.)
  • Provide clear context. The more context, the better your result will be.

With this methodology, you will have awesome ads in seconds, giving you more time to focus on other aspects such as strategy or bid adjustments.

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