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The 5 steps to using AI to write articles

The five steps to using AI for writing articles

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Writing articles with AI can seem overwhelming, but it’s actually quite simple once you get started. Using AI technology can help speed up your article writing process and allow for more creative content ideas. To help get you on the right track, we have put together a list of five steps to help you write better articles using AI.

Step 1: Brainstorm your topic

You may already have an idea of what you want to write, but you should always start with a bit of an open mind. Before even putting pen to paper, utilize AI’s amazing brain to help come up with some ideas for what you want to write.

AI can help you brainstorm possible topics for a blog article by analyzing your current content and looking for gaps in the information you’ve already shared. Once AI identifies potential topics, it can provide suggestions to refine them into something more actionable and interesting.

With Jasper AI, our favorite AI writing assistant, you can do this with commands. Check out the below as an example (the “>” is where the command starts).

Step 2. Research

Once you have solid ideas for your article, now it’s time to do some additional research.

AI can perform research for you by using existing algorithms to search the internet for facts and statistics related to your chosen topic. It can also scrape relevant content from other articles, so you don’t have to start from scratch.

Check out what Jasper can do below! You will certainly want to fact check the AI output, but this really saves time when writing.

Let’s not forget the importance of keyword research as you write your content. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to write an article if no one reads it! SurferSEO is an excellent tool for this. You simply need to connect your website, and SurferSEO will make suggestions on what content to write, how to use backlinks, and even grade future blog posts to increase your chances to get seen by search engines.

You can check out SurferSEO here.

Step 3. AI can take care of your outline

AI really excels at creating outlines. Just check this one out from Jasper.

Jasper did this in seconds. You may want to add or remove a topic here, but this initial outline gives you a great headstart for writing your article (especially if your brain is fried).

Step 4. OK, now go write!

You have all the ideas, research, and a great structure to support your blog post. Utilize AI tools to help write some of the more evergreen paragraphs such as the introduction and conclusion. Then, take on the bulk of the writing effort while fact-checking and tweaking along the way.

Step 5. Use AI to fine tune

Sometimes, our writing needs help, and AI is pretty good at tightening your writing. Look how Jasper helped me out with the writing in Step 4 of this article.


After I asked Jasper to improve:

You can have fun with this one, perhaps telling Jasper to be more descriptive or using an analogy.

In conclusion, it’s clear that AI can be a helpful tool for blog writers. With its ability to do research, create outlines, and even write some of the text, this technology can help you save time while freeing up your creativity to focus on more complex parts of writing your article. From brainstorming topics to polishing the final sentence, AI can really make the whole blog writing process faster and easier. Give it a try!

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