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Examples of MLM ads that work

mlm ad examples that work

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Have you been looking to get into a side hustle to generate an extra income or start a small business that can empower you to leave your current soul-crushing job? Then starting an MLM business could be exactly what you have been looking for.

What are MLM businesses? How do you make killer ads to make your MLM business as successful as possible? What are the best kinds of MLM ads? That’s all stuff we will go over in this article.

This article isn’t just for noobs in the MLM community. However, even if you have been a part of the MLM community for a while, you can use this to sharpen your skills, or if you have taken a break and are looking to jump back into the ring and make as big of an impact as possible, just keep reading.

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What is multilevel marketing or network marketing?

There is a lot to cover, so let’s start at the beginning. But first, we will go over what MLM, multilevel marketing, is.

To help answer the question in the heading, Network marketing and Multilevel marketing are synonyms for one another. Many online marketers will use these phrases interchangeably, but we will be sticking to MLM to keep things as simple as possible.

What is a network marketing business?

So what is an MLM? An MLM is a company that offers direct sales of services or products to clients or customers without the need for a traditional retail store. 

The most commonly sold products through the MLM business method are cosmetics, essential oils, and dietary supplements. However, there are many more products and services that can and are sold via this business platform.

One of the best-known examples of an MLM is Avon which provides bi-weekly brochures filled with cosmetic, beauty, or household items for customers to order and have delivered directly to them. Each page has an image of one of the available products for customers to see what they could order.


How do network marketers make great ads?

Now that we have covered what MLM businesses do, we can cover what techniques the best network marketers use to create engaging ads that drive sales which in turn set their businesses up for great success

Let’s get your new or existing business off in the right direction and help you advertise with the confidence and creativity your business deserves.

Below we have laid out 6 game-changing techniques for you to use to maximize selling your company’s products.

1. They focus on their target market

The number one thing to do is market to the right audience! For example, you do not want to advertise a cleaning product to IT specialists. Likewise, you wouldn’t want to promote IT equipment to a rental cleaning agency.

Knowing who your audience is, is half the battle. Once you have dialed into your core audience, it can cut down on ad revenue spend and, in turn, carry a higher return on investment rather than taking the shotgun approach, where you could spend thousands of dollars with no return at all.

2. They advertise where their prospects hang out

You have to place ads where your audience hangs out. For example, suppose your product or service is perfect for weight loss. In that case, you will see a far greater return on investment if you purchase ads on a platform that has a base known for people starting a fitness journey when compared to randomly purchasing ads or on a personal trainer forum.

Even though it would seem like the obvious choice to promote on such a forum. It is far more likely that those webpage visitors have already reached their goals or have a personal plan in place and are far less likely to adapt to a new regimen than someone that is just starting or about to start their fitness journey. 


3. They find ways to be different

The harsh reality of life is that we live in a world where every idea worth having has been thought of. Many new network marketers try to reinvent the wheel when they start on their MLM journeys. That can lead to a lot of wasted time and money.

A much more cost-effective technique is to use the avenues that have been well-traveled before you but with a twist. Stand out from the crowd by using your creativity! Do what has been done before but in a new and fresh way.

4. They study how other industries work

Studying other industries can spark some creative ways of creating ads for your business and maximizing your exposure to the general public. It can also spark new ideas for revenue lines.

For example, if your current business model is a one-time purchase model, could adapting to a subscription model as we see in the software industry or streaming industry fit your service or product to ensure repeat business?

5. They match up their market, message, and media with each other

The best of the best network marketers use this simple technique as the cornerstone from which they build their entire marketing strategy. The market is WHO your audience is, and the message is WHAT you are selling them, and the media is WHERE you are marketing to them. 

If you ensure that all three of these aspects are aligned, it will all but guarantee your MLM being successful. If you have seen middling success with an existing network marketing campaign or business, we recommend taking some time to ask yourself these questions and cross-check that they are aligned.


6. They ensure that they are someone worth joining

It has been said that people don’t join companies; they join people. So being likable and genuine is, by far, the best way to get people interested in you and your products. 

This is to say, do not take every opportunity to talk about your services or products. Instead, create insightful, thought-provoking content and support others; people will notice and take an interest in what you are selling.

MLM ads types that really work

Alright, now that the foundations have been laid and covered, we can finally go over the most successful types of network marketing ads that MLM businesses use to generate sales.

The most successful types of ads can be split into three main categories, so let’s dive in and explore each one in detail!

Email Campaigns

Email campaigns are also known as solo ads. These are the most direct form of advert any business can use to reach a targeted audience. Email campaigns are a surefire way to reach an audience that has shown direct interest in your field.

Furthermore, if you rent or buy the list from a top-tier solo ad provider, they will include customers with a proven buying history. If you want to explore solo ads a bit more, here’s our article on getting results specifically with MLM solo ads.

Combining the 6 previously talked about techniques with this form of marketing is your best bet at generating some serious sales.


Newspaper Classifieds

Newspapers are the oldest form of advertising. They may not yield the same exposure and conversions they did yesteryear. However, newspaper classifieds are second to none if your product or service is one that can be utilized in undeveloped or rural areas.

Maybe you sell a great tool or oil that farmers can utilize. Perhaps you offer a service that may save time or effort for the busy workers in such rural areas. 

Another plus of advertising in newspaper classifieds in a rural area is that the market is probably not yet over-saturated,  not to mention the potential a rural area may hold for expanding your network.

Social Media

As good as newspaper classifieds are in underdeveloped areas, no platform offers the reach and direct access to a targeted audience that a social media platform does. Social media also offers you the opportunity to tap into a wide variety of ad types.

You can create in-depth youtube videos that explain what you, your product/service, and your company are all about. You can get extra creative and make some awesome infomercial-type videos that show off all the strengths of your service or product.

You can also create immersive, vibrant, and informative infographics and post them on Instagram or a Facebook page.

Whatever you may prefer, the point is advertising on social media is only limited by your passion, drive, and creativity!

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