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Need a blogging podcast? Here’s 19 you shouldn’t miss

top 19 blogging podcasts

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When first setting out on a journey to become a blogger or writer, it can be both overwhelming and confusing as to what actionable tips and tricks to follow and what’s the best way to get started is. It helps if you have people in your life who have already taken these steps, but not all of us are so lucky.

Perhaps you have started the long and arduous journey and gotten up on your own two feet but want to take it to the next level and aren’t sure how to do it. What do those of us who don’t have immediate contacts to reach out to in such difficult times do?

Well, thankfully, there are inspiring podcasts that deal with all of these issues for us. Some of the best blogging podcasts help newly-fledged writers achieve success, and other successful bloggers take their online business to the next level.

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19 best podcasts to boost your blog post writing skills

Whether you are writing your first blog post or your hundredth, there is always something to learn and improve upon.

 Just like how musicians have to listen to and keep abreast on the latest trends and styles in the music industry, a successful blogger needs to keep tier skill sharp on the latest techniques and strategies on how to maximize your blog’s exposure.

The following twenty podcasts aren’t listed in any particular order, as what is best for you differs from what is best for the next person. Thus this list is compiled of the highest quality blogging podcasts in no particular order, and all of them offer tons to learn from regardless of if you are completely green or a hardened expert at blogging.

19. The Blogging Millionaire podcast

The Blogging Millionaire is a podcast that specializes in strategies that are used by top bloggers, including the host of the podcast. Host, Brandon Gaille, built his blog to over 1 million monthly visitors in less than two years, so it’s safe to say he knows his stuff.

Brandon Gaille talks about many different aspects you need to master as a blog writer, from SEO, search engine marketing, and internet marketing to social media marketing, email marketing, website engagement, and much, much more.


18. How They Blog

How They Blog may have stopped production a few years ago, but the episodes that are still available still have tons of value. How they blog focuses on growing your existing blog to the next level.

The Host of How they blog, Kat Less, is a master of turning any blog topic into a full fledge business and can teach you all you need to know on how to turn your niche passion into a profitable blog, amongst many other things. 

17. Do You Even Blog

Pete McPherson offers over 200 episodes of the Do You Even Blog podcast and covers topics such as affiliate marketing and monetization of digital products.

Pete McPherson also hosts loads of insightful guests who have become leaders in the blogging industry to share their expertise, insights, and techniques to help you take your online blog to the next step. The Do you even blog podcast also has a variety of episode lengths, making it perfect for any situation.

16. Blogging Your Passion

If you are looking to pursue your passions through blogging, be that music, philosophy, modern technology, or sport, Jonathan Milligan’s Blogging Your Passion podcast is just for you. It was established in 2011 and has since released over 100 episodes helping new and experienced bloggers turn their passions into fulfilling and profitable blogging journeys. 

As with many of these podcasts, it also features many guests from loads of industries varying from automation and other modern technologies to the proper planning for your blog.


15. Smart Passive Income

Pat Flynn from The Smart Passive Income Blog reveals all of his secrets to success for online business and blogging. The smart passive income podcast talks about combining other revenue streams alongside your blog to bolster your income without having a demanding day-to-day hustle that can quickly lead to burnout.

As the self-proclaimed “crash test dummy of online business,” Pat will teach you how to diversify your income streams with multiple passive incomes, such as affiliate marketing and email marketing. 

14. The Recipe For SEO Success Show

The Recipe for SEO Success podcast is considered one of the best podcasts available today. The Host, Kate Toon, has a revolving door of guests, each at different levels of the blogging journey, from “Noobs” to “techies.”

This brings great depth and utility for anybody listening, whether you are starting from square one on the road to blogging success or have been manning your own ship for years now. Kate and her guests have some wisdom to share with you.

13. Launch Your Blog Biz Podcast

If you daydream about quitting your hum-drum 9-to-5 day job and starting a 7-figure blogging business, then Lauren McManus has the podcast specifically for you! Launch Your Blog Biz podcast covers everything you need to know to start your blogging business.

The podcast also covers loads of more advanced topics during the 29 episodes making it a great resource for those who are also looking to grow an existing blog business as well.

12. The Food Blogger Pro Podcast

Not everything needs to be affiliate marketing this and investment talk that. Sometimes you just have to talk about food, and no one does it better than the Food Blogger Pro podcast. It is hosted by Bjork Ostrom from Pinch of Yum! The food blogger pro show focuses on SEO, food photography, and top plugins to use, amongst many other topics, to help you grow your food blog.

It is worth mentioning that the strategies and techniques are transferable to other passions your blog may be about, so it’s still worth a listen, even if you don’t write about food.


11. The Seo Singh Show: Content Marketing, Influencer Marketing, and Blogging Tips

The Seo Singh Show is a bi-weekly podcast that goes deep into content repurposing, content distribution, and content creation, as well as understanding more advanced topics such as social media and SEO metrics.

 Karan Singh, who is the creator and host of The Seo Singh Show, has crafted and uploaded more than 200 episodes for you to learn from!

10. ProBlogger Podcast

The ProBlogger podcast has been regarded as one of the most popular online publications about blogging for years. It is a podcast that caters to both new and long-time bloggers and covers all the topics you need to create your own successful online business.

There haven’t been any new episodes uploaded in a while, but that doesn’t take away from the top quality and valuable information shared in the already-existing episodes.

09. I Teach Blogging: Blogging & WordPress

If you are looking to not only write your own blog but also design your own webpage, then I Teach Blogging is the podcast for you! Renee’ Groskreutz will teach you everything you need to know, from basic SEO to WordPress, and what to do when it all goes wrong.

So even if you are new or just looking to break away from your Squarespace or Wix subscriptions, give I Teach Blogging a listen.

08. The Side Hustle Show: The Blogging Mixtape

This is the blogging podcast for those with little time to get their side hustles off the ground. Taken from the main Side Hustle Show archives to create a dense and binge-worthy podcast covering all of the ins and outs of blogging.

The show covers topics such as how to grow your traffic and email lists. Furthermore, you will also hear how to create content that both readers and search engines love! 


07. Make Money Blogging With Digital Nomad Wannabe

Sharon Gourlay hosts the podcast that will give you actionable tips on how to become an SEO master. The Make Money Blogging with Digital Nomad Wannabe will help you take your established blog to the next step or help you figure out those pesky monetization issues.

Sharon covers the usual topics such as SEO and outsourcing but also covers more unexplored avenues such as Facebook.

06. Theory of Content

Despite only producing 69 episodes, Theory of Content managed to shape countless listeners into successful bloggers. The charismatic duo of Joshua Unseth and Amber Bracegirdle hosts the theory of content podcast.

It’s not that they covered any special topics or had guests that no one else could have on this list. It’s just that they covered them in succinct ways and left no stone unturned when discussing SEO and how to find your piece of the ever-shrinking blogging pie.

05. Search News You Can Use

If you are fascinated by the world of white hat and black hat SEO, then this is the blogging podcast you have been looking for. Search News You Can Use may not be as exciting as white and black hat hacking, but it has its own thrills and spills. 

Dr. Marie Haynes is considered a well-known expert in the field of white hat SEO and uses this platform to give you all the blogging tips and tricks you need, including some from a couple of black hat guests.

04. Self-Made Writers

Kim Anderson has her second entry on our list. If you can’t get enough of Just keep blogging, then you will love Self-Made Writers. It functions as a spiritual successor to Just keep blogging, but with a twist.

Instead of focusing on bloggers and writers who need to keep going like the Just keep blogging podcast did, the self-made writers podcast focuses more on bloggers who want to shape their blogging career into businesses centred around their writing. Kim even offers to consult writers who want to improve their careers.


03. AskPat 2.0

When it comes to the sheer volume of content, Pat Flynn has to be up there as one of the most prolific content creators out there. With over 1,000 episodes to listen to, you won’t be running out of things to listen to any time soon. 

The one thing that is worth noting is that the Ask Pat 2.0 podcast isn’t just about blogging. It is more of an overall business podcast. However, there are still loads of insightful conversations that can help both seasoned and fresh bloggers alike.

02. Thrive Blogger Podcast

The thrive blogger podcast is better known as the Thrive Blogger & Influencer Podcast and does exactly as it says on the label. It teaches you how to thrive as a blogger and influencer.

Bree Pair is the host of over 150 episodes which include amazing workshops and tutorials, not to mention that seeking help from within the community is encouraged, making it a great place to learn and network.

01. The Blogger Genius Podcast with Jillian Leslie

Jillian Leslie is the titular blogger genius. She uses the Blogger Genius podcast to conduct deep and contemplative interviews with experts and leaders of the blogging industry, bestowing upon her listeners a wealth of knowledge and insight that will help set them up for success in the future.

Topics that Jillian Leslie covers in her The blogger genius podcast include things such as building your brand and recognition, building a readership, and profitable niche blogging.


Hopefully, one or some of these top-tier podcasts will help you take the next or first step in your blogging journey. The road is long, but the trip is life-changing. Whether this leads to your first blog or first profitable blog, hopefully, one of these best podcasts will inspire you to reach those goals.

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