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Best solo ads providers: Ultimate guide for 2023

the top solo ad vendors of 2023

DISCLOSURE: We promote awesome products. This page may contain affiliate links, meaning I may get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through my links (at no cost to you).

Whether you are new to the world of solo ads, a veteran looking to refine your skills, or perhaps you are getting back in the game after taking a sustained break from the industry.

This article has been crafted to help you, no matter your experience level or knowledge. We are going to cover what solo ads are, why the traffic they generate is vitality important, and who the best solo ad vendors, sellers, and providers are individually and on Udimi.

Once the basics are covered, we will highlight the best independently contactable solo ad vendors. Then we will cover the top 10 solo ads sellers Udimi. 

If, for any reason, our picks don’t tickle your fancy; we will help you weed out your very own top picks and provide you with the best practices to follow before pulling the trigger on any solo ad deals you are ready to get out into the world.

If you are looking for a quality traffic source to boost leads and sales, head to Udimi for solo ads. You will find the best solo ad sellers in targeted niches. Click here to sign up for free!

What are solo ads?

Solo ads are also known as solo email ads. Solo ads are hand-crafted one-time email adverts that are sent to curated email lists. Solo ads vendors own these curated lists that they have built over months or years.

Running a solo ad campaign is when you buy or rent the right to promote your product to these curated email lists. Top-tier solo ad vendors will also have lists that include known buyers among the other high-quality clientele on their email lists.

Selecting the correct solo ad vendor for your niche is vital to the success of your solo ad campaign. Don’t worry about it too much, as we will highlight the best solo ad vendors out there. 

We will also show you how to separate the best from the good solo ad sellers later on in this article. Just in case you want to find your own best solo ads seller.

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Why is solo ad traffic so important?

The traffic that is generated from solo ads can be a pure source of genuine leads, brand exposure, and sales boosts. Moreover, thanks to the curated nature of the targeted email lists that solo ad vendors offer, it is far more likely to produce sales or interest that leads to sales down the road than any other form of marketing.

The flip side of this is if you happen to choose a less-than-honorable solo ads vendor. Then, the traffic could result in empty clicks and hollow website visits. This is what makes following our best practices, which we discuss later on, so important in ensuring a successful solo email ad campaign.

Solo ads are a direct pipeline to your targeted audience and hold the potential to elevate your business to the next level. So it is no wonder that they have garnered the reputation of being online marketing’s secret weapon.

The 4 best solo ad providers

Below, you will find a list of the four best solo ad sellers in the business. We will cover their best attributes and their flaws that you should be aware of. 

Every solo ads seller has their own strengths and weaknesses, and below, you will find an easy-to-digest and follow list to help you choose the right solo seller for your business.

Traffic Blade

As you may well know, in the world of bookies and bet placing, there is that one scoop that only the people in the know have. Well, in the world of solo ads, that’s Traffic Blade

Traffic Blade is known as the go-to solo ads provider to some of the most prominent players in the scene. Despite only being around for a short period of time, the team at Traffic Blade has years of experience in delivering top-quality solo ad campaigns.

Traffic Blade has developed a unique technique of warming traffic to your offer and promises that all traffic sent to your offer is ready to buy and just looking for the right offer. 

The only real downside to their services is cost, as they are rather pricy, their waiting period for traffic to materialize, and they only specialize in biz opp and MMO campaigns.  


  • Traffic Blade produces warm, ready-to-buy leads.
  • They offer bonuses on your orders, such as their Review of your Sales Funnel, which is a free 7-day follow-up sequence.
  • They write the converting email swipe for you.
  • Traffic Blade’s pricing can bit a little high to some.
  • There may be long waiting periods for traffic to materialize due to high demand for their traffic. You are given a date of when your traffic will start, but if you need traffic in a short period of time, this may be a deal breaker.
  • They only offer biz opp and MMO campaigns.

Traffic For Me

Traffic For Me brags that they offer “The traffic that makes you richer” in their tagline, and it’s no joke. They have been around since 2017 and, ever since, have offered clean traffic that aims to, well, make you richer.

You probably think that they are also expensive like our previous entry, well you aren’t completely wrong. Traffic For Me’s most premium package is rather expensive. However, they offer more affordable packages that will suit those on a tighter budget, plus they claim to match other traffic providers’ prices, but the T’s and C’s are very complicated.

Traffic For Me also takes every precaution to make sure the traffic that is generated to your offer is 100% super premium USA-only traffic. They also offer various niches they cater to, from self-development to crypto and even survival enthusiasts.

  • Reasonable Pricing.
  • Fantastic customer support.
  • They frequently have sales on their offers.
  • They have a variety of niche traffic to choose from.
  • Just like Traffic Blade, there is a waiting period for traffic, but nowhere near as long.
  • They claim to match other traffic providers’ prices, but the explanation of this guarantee is complicated.


Wayne Crowe (The Traffic Dominator)

Wayne Crowe is considered the best solo ads provider as he offers something no other solo ad vendor does. Guaranteed sales! If you purchase from a specific tier or higher, Wayne Crowe guarantees at least one sale, and if your campaign doesn’t yield any sales, he will run it again until it does.

The Traffic Dominator also only offers tier 1 traffic, that is, traffic exclusively from the USA, Uk, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. This is because these territories hold higher percentages of people willing to buy from marketing strategies such as solo ad campaigns.

What’s the catch? I hear you ask. Well, as with the last two entries, there is a waiting period due to the popularity of his traffic, so it can take a couple of days before you see your traffic materialize. As well as the fact that he only deals in biz opp and MMO traffic.

  • When submitting an offer, Wayne’s team will help you with tips on creating better capture and sales pages, maximizing your potential for sales, and, by extension, profits.
  • You are always getting Tier 1 buyer traffic.
  • Wayne also personally teaches a variety of courses.
  • Awesome, supportive Facebook group community.
  • Only deals in biz opp and MMO traffic.
  • It may take days for your traffic to start.

Why Udimi is the best solo ads provider

You need to know where to look to find the best solo ad sellers available. You can’t start digging for gold all over the place and expect to strike it rich.

The same wisdom applies to solo ad sellers. Knowing where to find the best sellers is half the battle. 

The platforms highlighted below are the top 5 best solo ads providers in the industry, and you will undoubtedly find the solo vendor you are looking for.



Udimi is the name you most likely hear when you ask where you can buy solo ads that are trustworthy and affordable. This is because Udimi is a marketplace with tons of individual solo ads vendors.

Think of how Freelancer or Fivver works for writers and illustrators but for solo ad sellers. Another great bonus of using Udimi is that because the solo ad sellers on the platform are freelancers, they can offer their services to a broader spectrum of niches.

Most solo ads vendors specialize either in biz opp, MMO, or health and beauty. However, some solo ads vendors on Udimi can specialize in relationships, personal growth, or cryptocurrencies. 

The bad side to the marketplace approach to solo ads is that some vendors will try to take advantage and deliver “traffic” with bots, making choosing the correct solo ads vendor difficult and even more critical than usual.

  • Very affordable pricing on solo ad deals.
  • Traffic is filtered so that the customer gets clean real personal traffic.
  • A wider variety of niches are catered to.
  • The quality of traffic can be bad. Filled with leads that don’t want the offers.
  • Picking the right vendor can be hard, as there are a lot of unreliable vendors.

Who are the best solo ads vendors on Udimi

There are thousands of sellers on Udimi; as we stated before, it can be hard to pick between them. Fret not; we have created a thorough list of the top ten sellers to use if you need a solo ad from Udimi.

Solo ads are hyper-targeted, and it pays to use the correct solo ads seller that understands them and has curated an email list with buyers and high-quality traffic.

It is worth noting that all accolades are as of the time of writing this article, and of course, we do not gaurantee results. By all means, these sellers could have upped their game and gained even more accolades and accomplishments, so they are not listed in any particular order. In addition, we chose these sellers based upon their reviews, accolades, and their stats; you may find other vendors are best for your specific niche or needs.


Who are the best solo ads providers

10 Karim Chourabi

Karim has been a solo ads vendor for 8 years. He does not have any Hall of fame accolades; however, he has over 1,000 positive reviews. Many of which show that they have gotten sales. 

The lack of Top sales placements and Hall of fame accolades, but the overwhelming positive ratings in his testimonials show he deserves to at least be tried. 

9 Khaled Ibrahim

Khaled Ibrahim has 8 years of experience to draw from. He has 19 Hall of Fame awards to show for it and finished in the top 9 in December 2022. However, it is worth noting that he only offers traffic in the MMO niche. 

8 Indulis Staskiewicz

Indulis Brings 9 years of being one of the best solo ads sellers on Udimi to the table when you purchase his services. He has 33 Hal of Fame awards to show for his skills and finished December 2022 in the top 7.

He includes buyers in his extensive list that has up to 2,000+ potential clicks depending on which tier you purchase.


7 Stefan Lindbom

Stefan Lindbom has been offering his solo ads-selling services for 5 years now. In that time, he has garnered 35 Hall of Fame Awards and, in more recent times, finished in the top 6 of all Udimi sellers in December of 2022.

Hew doesn’t include much information on his page. Instead, he lets the testimonials talk for themselves, and there are over 4,000 of them singing his praises.

6 Thomas Freeman

9 years, 24 Hall of Fame awards, and finishing in the top 5 as recently as December 2022 is not all Thomas Freeman has to offer you. He also holds a platinum member award with ClickBank.

Thomas guarantees that you always gain access to the same list and really needs you to know that he plays Croquet.

5 Miriam Feldman

In spite of Miriam Feldman only making solo ad sales for a year, she has already garnered a reputation for great results.

She finished in the top 4 of all Udimi sales in December 2022 and already has 817 positive reviews.

Her list offers 95% or higher tier 1 traffic and includes buyers.

4 Angelo Sayson

 Angelo has been offering his services via Udimi for the past 8 years and has 22 Hall of Fame rewards to show for it. Angelo also has been in the top 9 of solo ad sellers, the last time being in March of 2022. 

Angelo includes proven buyers on his list as he uses it for his own affiliate marketing as well as solo ads.

3 Brandon Sean

Brandon has been a solo ads vend for 7 years and has 22 Hall of Fame awards to his name, and in December 2022, he was in the top 10 of all solo ads sellers on Udimi.

He offers some great specials on his page that are worth checking out if you are shopping on a tight budget. 


2 Lia Malassa

Lia Malassa has been a member of the Udimi solo ads sellers for over 6 years and is a decorated vendor, with 21 Hall of fame rewards and finished in the top 3 As recently as December 2022.

The best thing on offer with Lia is that she includes a buyer list and guarantees your satisfaction with her tier 1 guaranteed traffic.

1 Glenn Fedoruk

Meet Glenn Fedoruk; he has been a solo ads solo for 7 years. He finished 1st of all Udimi solo sellers in December 2022 and holds 31 Hall of Fame awards to his name.

He prides himself on an open and transparent relationship with all of his clients. 

Glenn has over 5,500 positive reviews along with a buyers list that is segmented and highly protected.

How to find your very own top solo ads seller, which includes a buyer list

If, for any reason, none of our suggested solo ad vendors doesn’t satisfy you, or you would just prefer to do the homework yourself.

There are four easy steps to take to find your next solo ads vendor on Udimi that will help you eliminate the riffraff from the best of the best.

Step 1

The first thing you will want to do is either sign-up or sign in to your Udimi account. Don’t worry; it’s free and super easy.

Step 2

Once you are logged in, your next step will be to navigate to the forums tab in the top right-hand corner. 

Step 3

Once it has loaded the forums page, you will notice a thread at the very top called “Udimi Monthly Competition” with the current month’s name on it. Click on that thread.

Step 4

Now scroll down to the top 10 sellers for the month. It will show their name, total positive and negative testimonials, and the number of Hall of Fame Awards they have. That is if they have any. Check each seller to see which one suits you best.


How to ensure you get the best solo ads traffic

Now that you know how to find the best of the best solo ad providers on Udimi, you need to know how to communicate with the sellers to make sure you get the best experience from your solo ad campaign.

We have listed six questions you can ask to ensure you do not get a subpar experience and that both you and the seller know exactly what is expected from the solo ad campaign.

How have you built the email list?

This will help you determine if their practices are above board. You do not want a solo ad provider that has used bots or intrusive opt-out mail-building techniques.

The truth of the matter remains that someone who has used an opt-in method for building their email list will offer much better chances of success than someone who has just blasted random email boxes that aren’t even aware they are signup for their service.

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How often do you send emails to your list?

In the same vein as the previous point but how often your solo ad vendor sends emails to their list will determine how successful the campaign will be.

For example, if the solo ads seller sends out emails every day, it is possible that their list is over-saturated, and readers won’t even open the solo email ad. Especially when compared to a solo ad vendor who only emails their list occasionally, giving you and his list a premium experience.

How often do you add new subscribers? And how are they added?

The questions combine with the previous point and the very first one. How often a solo ads provider adds new subscribers to their list is important to prevent over-saturation. As explained before, how they add subscribers plays a strong role in how likely you are to receive valuable traffic.

Does your email list include buyers?

Whether a list includes buyers or not will not make or break a particular solo ad campaign. However, if a solo ads seller has proven buyers on their list, it boards well for your chances of getting direct sales from the campaign.

Do you make sales with your email list?

Most solo ad providers will be quick to tell you that sales aren’t guaranteed, besides Wayne Crowe, which is normal. But the top-tier solo ads sellers will have at least generated some sales directly from their lists.

Many of the suggested solo ad vendors here use their own lists to generate profit on personal affiliate programs and other revenue streams rather than selling the list to buyers. This can provide vital information to help you choose between two options.

What type of offers works well with your email list?

Knowing what offers work well with a given solo ads seller’s list is very important, as you do not want to spend hundreds of dollars on a top solo ads seller, but their list is geared towards MMO or crypto, and you are selling health and beauty products.

That would be a waste of your time and money, negatively impacting the seller’s reputation with their list. Ensure your solo ads provider is adequately geared to sell to your niche.

If you need quality solo ads traffic to boost your leads and sales, Udimi is the place to shop. It’s free to sign up, they guarantee an honest deal, and provide bullet-proof protection against fraud, spam and timewasters.

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