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Check out these new podcasting stats from Megaphone by Spotify

New podcast stats from Megaphone by Spotify

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Have you ever heard of Megaphone by Spotify? If you are a podcaster, you should be aware of them.

Megaphone is a tech platform owned by Spotify that allows a podcaster to post their content, monetize it, and get the data to learn about their listeners. Spotify may be the biggest name in podcasting, so it might be worth learning about them if you’re in that space.

Last month (December 2022), Megaphone by Spotify put out their 2022 Podcast Trends Report and it’s worth a read.

According to the report, 2022 was a year of podcast diversity, with people listening in new ways. Some particularly interesting stats include:

  • 33% YOY growth in US podcast downloads. That’s quite high considering how developed podcasting has become in the US.
  • 42% growth in listeners of individuals 65+. That’s pretty noteworthy. Social media use among seniors is pretty limited compared to other age groups (highest is 41% for Facebook). Advertisers who targets older individuals shouldn’t ignore podcasting.
  • 82% growth in time spent listening to podcasts on SmartTVs. I just didn’t realize so many have podcasts on their TV (I assume as a background).

Get the the full report here, and don’t forget to check out the their infographic.


More podcasting stats that might surprise you

  • 79% of Americans are aware of podcasting (source). That is very high, but who are these 21% of people who are just completely oblivious?
  • 38% of people in the United States listen on a monthly basis (source).
  • Joe Rogan, perhaps the king of podcasting, makes about $110 million per year (according to this source), of which $30 million is directly from podcasting. Not bad!
  • 75% of people listen to podcasts to learn new things (source).
  • Comedy is the mode popular genre (source). So when podcasts come up at the office, and it seems like you’re the only one not listening to NPR or something very intelligent, the data suggests otherwise.

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