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How to write a solo ad

writing solo ad emails that get results

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So you have created a great product or service and have everything set up to reach the success you have been aiming for, but you need to pull that final trigger and catapult your business to the next level of success.

Writing a well-composed email solo ad is the answer to all your needs. What is an email solo ad? It’s an often overlooked digital marketing weapon. An email solo ad is an advertisement sent from someone else’s email list, that includes a link to your product or service.

Once composed, your solo ads email is sent to a curated, niche subscriber list which is compiled by a solo ad vendor, such as on found through the Udimi marketplace. We will cover this in more detail a little later.

Before you can learn how to draft the perfect solo ad and guide readers to your own email opt-in page, you should know why you are using a solo ad vendor and how their solo ad traffic works.

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Why use solo ads?

There are many reasons why you should be using solo ad sellers. However, as we aim to make you a master at buying solo ad traffic as soon as possible, we will cover the three main reasons you would want to use a solo ads campaign.

The core reasons that you should use solo ads traffic is that it is straightforward, effective, and comprehensive. When compared to other online marketing choices, solo ads are far less intensive and complicated than creating a blog post or creating banner ads. 

Whereas banner ads only give you access to the users of that site, a solo ad gives you access to multiple email lists allowing you comprehensive exposure to thousands of curated potential clients and customers directly interested in your chosen niche.

Thanks to the curated nature of the solo ad email list, it means your conversion and sales rates can be higher than other online advertising options. Other than the three reasons mentioned now, here are some more in-depth reasons you would want to use a solo ad campaign:


Your market is either saturated, competitive, or both

When creating a new business, competition is always stiff, and ranking high on a Google results page is a challenging feat as massive corporations, such as Amazon, or other authoritative figures usually claim them. This is where buying solo ads can help you dethrone these juggernauts by bypassing search engine traffic.

The saturation of a market is something every business has to deal with, and AI will exacerbate the problem. So regardless of your product’s high quality, it may remain overlooked. So, why compete directly with these competitors just to be overlooked when you can craft a concise sales pitch and pitch it directly to a deep and curated customer base?

Traditional online ads don’t accept your offer

Facebook, Google ads, Instagram, and Twitter all indeed offer comprehensive ad campaigns. However, those services are limited to users of those platforms and come with some pretty strict terms of service, which means businesses like online gambling sites or some MLM can not advertise there.

Solo ads, and by extension solo ad sellers, allow you to reach a wider variety of audiences regardless of their social media preference or favorite search engine. Furthermore, email solo ads also bypass the terms of use on those platforms allowing you to reach your advertising goals free of the pitfalls traditional ad networks may hold in store.


You have a limited marketing budget

Many entrepreneurs start a business as a side project, passion project, or a way to generate a passive revenue stream. However, the one thing every business has in common, regardless of why it was started, is to minimize costs. In many cases, companies do this by limiting their marketing budget.

Perhaps you just don’t have the marketing budget, to begin with. Either way, solo ads are a fantastic option if you are looking for an affordable cost-per-click ad campaign. For example, in some niches, Google’s cost per click is in the double digits, whereas many solo ad vendors will cost under $1.00 per click or lead. 

How do solo ads work?

So now you know why you should use solo email ads in your marketing arsenal, as it can generate quality traffic with little effort or cost. How solo ads work is just as important to know for you to get the most out of this simple yet effective tool once you have created your solo ad, using the handy tips below.

You have your unique product or service that a specific niche or collection of niches can benefit from using. Now it’s time to reach out to your target audience by using a solo ad seller.  A solo ad seller will sell or rent you access to their large email lists. 

You will have to provide them with a tracking URL and specify the target niche you want to reach out to, along with the number of people you would like to reach. You will also need to include when you want the campaign to start and end.

If the mail is opened, the potential client will then have the opportunity to click on your link, which you will use to lead them to anywhere you want. This is usually a landing page for a product or service or a selection of products and services. It can also be a squeeze page where clientele can subscribe to your newsletter or other mail services. 

From this point, it is vital for you to track the targeted traffic that is received. So you can track your business’ growth and success. This will also allow you to optimize your Cost Per Click and Cost Per Lead. 

How to write your solo ad

Now that we have covered all of the critical information you need to know about solo ads and solo ad traffic, it’s time we cover how to write the perfect email solo ad. How the ad is composed is vital to your conversion and sales rates and, by extension, the overall success of your solo ad campaign.

If the content is executed correctly, it can not only help you introduce the business and help warm up the traffic to your site. However, it can also prequalify people from the subject line and the email body text, as well as allow you to persuade or inform people what to do after they have clicked on your link. So let’s jump into how to craft perfect solo ads.

Catchy subject lines are a must!

The first thing your potential email subscribers or customers will see is the subject line. This makes it one of the most critical components of your solo ad. A lousy subject line can easily destroy your campaign, whereas a perfectly crafted subject line will make it a successful internet promotion.

When creating your solo ad’s email subject lines, you should use action-oriented words. Using action or power words grabs your reader’s attention and will entice or excite them into taking action as they make your mail clickable and intriguing.

Include numbers in your solo ads heading line. Numbers will help your solo ads stand out from the crowd in your client’s inbox, so think about using promotional discount offers in the solo ads heading line. Alternatively, you can use statistics or other number-based information to make your solo ads pop.


Another tactic you can use in your solo ads is to create a sense of urgency. This will help accelerate readers to take action immediately. Putting a sense of urgency in your solo ads can increase open rates big time!

The most significant point to make sure your solo ads tick is that they do not include misleading information. It may improve your open rates, but it has a damaging effect on your conversion and sales rates. Not to mention the long-term damage it creates on your brand’s image.

Keep it short, sweet, and simple!

People prefer to avoid receiving long sprawling emails that consist of thousands of words and pages. So, it’s best to keep your text short, concise, and to the point. Tonally your solo ad should be friendly and non-formal. It should be written as if you are excitedly informing a colleague or friend about your business.

How you place your link matters

Consider not clocking all of your links in the text of your ad. Cybersecurity has become a genuine concern for most people. Pasting your links without cloaking them lets your clients see the URL and destination, allowing you to build a trustworthy reputation with your clientele.  It is ok to cloak your affiliate link as that already has a level of trust with the reader. 

Don’t forget a call to action

The call to action is the crux of the entire solo ad email. If you forget your call to action, the whole solo ad may be for naught. It has been reported that a button-based call to action can increase click-through rates by a whopping 28%! 

Use a big button so the text is easily readable, and combine it with a bright primary color so that it stands out from the rest of the text. Your call to action should also be punchy so that readers won’t be able to resist clicking on it or missing it entirely, which should generate tons of quality traffic. Finally, remember to track your links, especially the call to action link, in your solo ad emails.

Fine-tune your aim!

Even though you are engaging with a target audience within your niche, when buying solo ads from a solo ad vendor such as Udimi solo ads, there is no point in keeping the pitch too general. As stated before, get to the point as fast as possible. 

Try an address a specific problem or topic within the niche that your product or service can help resolve or address directly in the solo ads you buy or write. This helps warm up the audience to the idea of needing your service or product and can significantly improve your conversion and sales rates. 

Let the solo ad seller write it

In some cases, solo ad vendors will write the solo ad for you. In the case that you can not write it yourself, make sure to go over the content before approving the campaign. As discussed earlier, the content in your solo ad will make or break your solo ad’s success rates. 

No one knows your brand better than you, so it is vital that you and the solo ad seller agree on the content that is being shared with the list. Additionally, it is worth taking their input as no one knows their email subscribers better than they do. So, it is only mutually beneficial for both parties to agree on the content. 

Use AI tools

Did you know CNET has been testing AI tools for its news website? Did you also know that many of the big email companies like Hubspot use AI writing assistants like Jasper AI? Using AI writing tools are here, and they rock.

AI tools are great for writing solo ad emails because they will help you generate new ideas, streamline your writing process, and can dish out tons of text for you to test. If you are thinking about a AI writing tool, our recommended tool is Jasper IA (they have a free trial too!)


Additional solo email ad writing tips

  • Consider aligning with your landing page: If your landing page is drastically different from your email text, it could cause friction and lower performance.
  • Proofread with a clear mind, friends, and Grammarly: Get your writing right! Typos happen more often when you are tired, no doubt about it. If you know you are overworked, get the email writing done, but consider saving the editing for when you are refreshed. Also, if you can, have a friend review the email. They will definitely spot errors, and may give you a fresh perspective on the strengths and weaknesses. For a tool to help with proofreading, can’t beat Grammarly (which is free by the way).
  • Test multiple messages (and senders): You and I are marketing geniuses, this is true. However, we don’t really know if the email copy is going to be great until it’s sent. Put yourself in the best position for success by testing multiple messages. When one message does really well, then add more budget to it (and perhaps run another test based upon what you’ve learned).
  • Don’t sweat it too much! You will learn as you go: Don’t let perfection be your enemy. Get that email out the door, measure the results, and LEARN. As long as you don’t stop and continue to learn, you’re solo ads are going to improve.

Pitfalls to avoid before buying from solo ad vendors!

There are a few things that can kill your solo ad’s conversion rate dead in its tracks. Let’s go over a few of them so you can optimize the success of your ad when you’re ready to buy solo ads.

One of the fastest ways of ending up in a reader’s spam folder is if you do not explicitly describe the call to action in your solo ad, along with a confusing lead capture. Furthermore, if your page loads too slowly, you may be wearing out potential clientele’s patients and losing them if your landing page isn’t snappy and responsive. 

Make sure you clearly display your cybersecurity guarantees, along with whether you are selling collected email addresses or not. Speaking of cybersecurity, if you are seeing underwhelming results, make sure antivirus companies have not blacklisted your domain or sub-domain.

The final thing that can slow down your progress and growth is if your landing pages are not responsive on mobile devices. Many people read their emails on a mobile device instead of a PC, so it will pay to ensure your landing pages and website are mobile-compatible on both Android and iOS.


Solo ad campaigns are simple, comprehensive, and super effective if implemented correctly. Solo ads traffic is unmatched in its effectiveness and affordability, so hopefully, this guide helps you craft a solo ad pitch that lifts your business to the next level, and it empowers you to make more money online and reach the levels of success that you have been aiming for.

There is quite a bit to take into consideration when you buy solo ads. However, it pales in comparison to how much effort, time, and money other online marketing strategies can take away from you and your business.

If you need quality solo ads traffic to boost your leads and sales, Udimi is the place to shop. It’s free to sign up, they guarantee an honest deal, and provide bullet-proof protection against fraud, spam and timewasters.

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