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An Ultimate Guide to Jasper Boss Mode Commands

Jasper boss mode commands

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Jasper boss mode is the latest tool from Jasper that will allow you to write down five times as much content in half the time with the help of AI (Artificial Intelligence). It takes your writing to the next level and has fantastic features. It allows you to generate long-form copy with the Jasper AI writing assistant. Content production is way crisper than the beginner’s plan, making your writing and content creation much more effective.

When you activate Jasper Boss Mode, you can generate copies far more extensive than the ones you get in the starting plan. It is more precise and includes features such as Jasper Commands.

Here’s how to use Jasper boss mode commands.

Jasper is an affordable AI writing assistant used by top companies like Google and AirBnB to write original, creative content. If you want to write faster and better, tap here to learn more about Jasper (free trial available!).

Use Cases

Jasper AI is a web-based content writing application that is useful for individuals who wish to produce as much content in as little time as possible. It helps them boost their productivity and saves an ample amount of time since you don’t physically have to type down the content yourself.

Content is king, and there is a dire need for content. Here are some of the critical use cases of Jasper Boss Mode:

  1. Entrepreneurs: Jasper allows them to speed up their content writing process
  2. Freelancers: It helps them take on more work and make money from various freelance work
  3. Bloggers: This enables them to get more content to post and create maximum engagement with their audience
  4. Small business owners: They can better focus on other essential aspects of their business
  5. SEO Professionals: It lets them boost their content quality and quantity
  6. Agencies: With the amount of work pouring in, you need software that helps you generate instant content. It also cuts down the cost of hiring copywriters. Furthermore, it helps agencies focus on their SEO and marketing practices.
  7. Content Writers: It makes their work so much easier and faster.
  8. Authors: It is an excellent way to generate content ideas for books and helps prevent writer’s block


Boss Mode Features

Jasper is exclusively designed to assist writers and content marketers write long-form content quickly. Moreover, the Boss Mode can also be used to produce blog posts, case studies, emails, video descriptions, etc., and much more.

Jasper Boss Mode has several compelling features that make your copywriting experience seamless. Here are some of the main ones:

  • Finish your draft at five times more speed than you could previously – Jasper will do 80% of the work for you, and all you have to do is edit.
  • You have the leverage of creating unique content that will rank for SEO – you can integrate with* and unlock your desired set of keywords that will rank high on search engines.
  • Generate exclusive content that’s plagiarism free – the system allows you to scan your content for sources using Copyscape* easily.
  • It enables you to command the AI to type precisely what you desire. All you have to do is sit back and watch it happen.
  • It promises higher quality results with advanced context. The application will read through extensive content before starting your work.
  • Grammarly can be included easily – it makes the work much more straightforward. The content.

Augmented Character Lookback

Thanks to the Boss Mode, this copywriting application will read up to 3k characters above your mouse cursor location in the document. It is termed as a character look back. Why? Because when Jasper AI looks back, it gains context and understanding from previously written sentences. Thus, it continues to generate the same content which is original and relevant to your industry.

Moreover, Boss Mode’s extended lookback feature results in trendier AI copy generation when using the Jasper writing assistant. It enables the application to make content that is of high quality and unique. The extended lookback offer has its benefits: there will only be a few repetitions. Secondly, the content produced will be more relevant and industry-specific. Lastly, lesser revisions since the content are unique and of high quality.

Additionally, if you don’t have Jasper Boss Mode, you will only get a maximum of 600 characters to look back, which is not ideal for many.


Infinite Runs

There are no word limits. That’s a great relief! As long as you have the Boss Mode, you will not need to worry about unlimited runs of AI copy generation.

Unlocked Compose Button

It is an excellent feature to have for individuals who have been using Jasper and its starter pack. It allows you an unlimited capacity to create content. Before the Boss Mode was unleashed, each time, you had to make adjustments and type down a few sentences on your own. It slowed down the content production process and consumed a reasonable amount of time. Thanks to these new advancements in Jasper, you no longer have to make manual edits between all the content runs. Now you can easily click compose and let Jasper create your content.

Once the content is created, you can make as many edits as possible. It will help boost your writing significantly.

Jasper Boss Mode Commands

As per the name, you can command your Jasper writing assistant to give you the type of copy you require. You are free to give Jasper AI command and watch it follow your instructions in the best manner possible. It will create an in-depth article on the same in a few minutes from scratch.

For Jasper Commands to work in your Jasper Boss Mode, you first need to activate it. It allows you to control the system and tell Jasper what you’d like him to write. There are several commands that Jasper understands and works on, depending on what you require. All you have to do is type them out. You’ve to ensure your cursor is at the end of the command and then use the keyboard shortcut “Cmd + enter” to run it on a Mac or “Ctrl + Enter” on Windows.

Here are a few examples of how well Jasper takes your commands:

  • Blog posts

Write some blog titles about [topic].

  • Summarizing and conclusion

Write a summary of the content above in three sentences.

  • Q&A

Write some FAQs about [blog post topic].

  • Ads

Write some ad headlines for the product descriptions above.

  • Videos

Write some YouTube titles about [topic].

  • Marketing frameworks

Write a PAS for the content above. (Problem, agitate, solve)

  • Miscellaneous 

Write a value proposition for the company described above.

  • Social Media

Write an engaging Facebook post about the company described above.

  • Improving/ Re-Writing Content

Rephrase the paragraph above to make it more readable.

  • Company

Write a meta description about [topic].

  • Articles

Write a how-to guide on [topic].

You can use a Jasper Command to generate a blog post into a paragraph, outline, conclusion paragraph, and all of your main content.


Jasper Boss Mode Pricing

The jasper Boss Mode AI pricing is an ideal writing plan that works wonders for anyone who falls in the use cases mentioned above. It’ll help you take care of the copy while you take care of other necessary areas that require your attention.

Jasper AI, Boss Mode plan, is priced at $59/month – it allows you access to unlimited features, and you can write up to as many as 50k words credit and command Jasper to write whatever you want.

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Pros And Cons of Jasper Boss Mode Plan 

It all depends on how the Jasper Boss Mode plan works for you. So, let’s get right into the pros and cons of it.


  • You get constant output.
  • There is minimum duplication of content.
  • Fewer edits are to be made.
  • You get to work with the Jasper Boss Mode commands, which make it easier for you to produce content.
  • It is one of the most innovative AI writing tools available.
  • There is no need to depend on templates – the Jasper Boss Mode commands allow you to write according to the industry you belong to.


  • The pricing for this might be a little on the high side for some individuals who’re starting small. They can always opt for the starter pack.
  • If you wish to get an extra user seat, you will have to pay an additional $50.
  • You might have to rerun a command at times.

In Conclusion

If you’re a content creator, getting the Jasper Boss Mode plan is one of your most thoughtful decisions. Authors, bloggers, freelancers, writers, agencies, etc., require new and original content daily, and Jasper is the perfect solution for them. You get high-quality content in a much faster time with almost zero to few things to edit. Once you pair it up with your plagiarism and spelling checker, you’ll have flawless content on the go.

Jasper Boss Mode commands make it much easier for you to get your desired content. All you have to do is type out what you need.

Create content 10x faster with artificial intelligence. Jasper is the highest quality AI copywriting tool with over 3,000 5-star reviews. A free trial is available!

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