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The 10 Must-Follow SEO Content Writing Rules

The crucial SEO content writing rules you must follow

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Every digital marketing strategy is designed on the basis of getting organic traffic, which forms a major part of the strategy. If your end-goal is to increase your traffic, your best bet would be to try and get better rankings on Google. You can achieve that goal with a solid SEO strategy, but you need something more than simply applying off-page and on-page SEO rules for your blog.

What you need is excellent SEO content writing, as it guarantees that you don’t neglect the user experience on your website’s pages. That’s because one of the most crucial ranking factors on Google is the page experience. So, if you’re looking to improve your SEO content writing and find out how it helps you rank better on Google, read on.

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What Is SEO Content Writing?

The writing process based on the goal of achieving the first page rank on search engines such as Google is known as SEO content writing. You can easily achieve that by creating optimized content answering the intent of users or by researching relevant keywords. For example, Google uses ‘spiders’ for crawling content and understanding what it’s about. While crawling, these spiders learn plenty about the web page based on the language used on the page.

SEO content writing will optimize page content, ensuring that search engines find it easier to crawl the content and therefore give it a favorable score. When pages are favorably judged, they will place higher in the SERPs. When the content on your page doesn’t have SEO writing, it won’t be search engine friendly, and crawlers will have a hard time figuring out what the page is about.


Why It’s Important to Write for SEO?

The main goal of SEO content writing is to ensure that content ranks higher on Google because if the content isn’t optimized, it won’t feature on the top results in the search engine. So, why is it important to rank on the first page of Google?

Studies have found that a page will get more clicks if it appears on the first page of results on the search engine, and it also depends on how high up that page the content has ranked. The top result on the first page will get, on average, a 28% chance of getting clicked on by people searching, and after the top result, the percentage falls by every spot on the page. Therefore, you want your content to be among the top results on the first page people view when searching online.

SEO content writing is also important from a marketing perspective as it is a key technique that is designed to enhance the visibility of your website. Most people get good results with PPC advertising; however, if they stop paying for PPC, they won’t get any traffic on the website.

If you have good SEO content on your website, you won’t have to worry too much about marketing or promoting your website because it will automatically rank higher on search engines (the easiest way to grow your email list).

10 Must-Follow SEO Content Writing Rules

Now that you know the basics of content writing and why it is necessary to write for SEO, it’s time that we share the ten must-follow SEO content writing rules. These rules will help you in writing exceptional SEO content for your website and help it rank higher on search engines. These are as follows:

1. Ensure It Is Written for Humans

It’s important that you know your audience, which means understanding what they like and dislike, and then writing for them. SEO content writing is a small part of SEO, and one of the main parts is backlinking. If you want to improve the SEO of your website, it’s crucial that the content written on your website manages to attract backlinks from different websites.

That means the content on your website has to be written with a human element in mind first. So, if the content is stuffed with keywords or is too robotic, it will not be linked to other websites, and that will harm your search engine rankings.


2. Understand the Algorithm Used by Google

You must make it your mission to understand Google’s latest algorithms as that is the only way you will be able to drive traffic to your website. As the biggest search engine in the world, Google is constantly coming out with new algorithm updates, which helps pages with the best quality to rank higher consistently.

Google is always tweaking its search engine algorithms because they are concerned about providing value to people and making a difference in their lives. Therefore, when you completely understand the changes made by Google in the latest algorithms, you will know what the search engine wants and can deliver better results with your content.

3. Find the Right Keywords

The key to writing quality content that performs well in search rankings lies in finding the right keywords that will be used in your content. That involves assessing the popularity of the main keyword and choosing the right long-tail keywords. Most of the time, a topic’s main keywords tend to have too much competition in the first spots for search engine rankings.

That is what makes many people opt for keywords with lower search volumes. It is imperative that an SEO content writer has the ability to assess the competition every phrase or word has and then select the keywords that will provide the best results for the content.

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4. Write Long-Form Content

The release of Google’s Panda 4.1 algorithm update meant that informative and longer content would be rewarded and rank higher compared to thinner content. Therefore, it’s best that you keep that in mind and ensure that every page has around 1,000 words of high-quality content. The current algorithm doesn’t view shorter content favorably as it simply doesn’t have enough complexity.

When you write long-form content, you also have more freedom to share information in different ways by including tables and lists. You must ensure that every page is packed with information and presenting information in various forms can help both search engines and your audience.


5. Write Unique Sentences

Unique content is rewarded by search engine algorithms, and if parts of your page are copied from other web pages, then it will rank poorly and will be marked as spam. You can ensure that your SEO copy is 100% unique by using websites such as Copyscape. If you do end up getting duplicate results, you can simply reword them and keep your copy in its natural state.

6. Using Related Words

The current algorithms are looking for common or related words that match with the keywords used in your copy. It’s meant to inform the search engine that your content is related to the topic. Therefore, ensure that the words you are using in your copy match with the keywords, so that the crawlers don’t have a hard time identifying what your content is about.

A skilled content writer would know all about using related words and will ensure that their copy consists of common words that are similar to the keyword. That helps them in writing copy that is both unique and ranks higher on search engines.

7. Linking to High-Quality Websites

One of the most common ways to show where you got your information from is to use links as an information citation for your copy. However, your website shouldn’t be taking information from websites that have low quality because if you use links of spammy websites, the crawlers will assume that the information on your page is spam as well.

That’s why it’s always best to link to high-ranking websites, which are popular with users and have quality content. The end goal for search engines is ensuring good information is available universally, so when you link to good websites it shows the crawlers that you’re connected to these websites.

8. Using Different Types of Content

An excellent web page will use numerous methods for sharing information with users, which is what makes it popular. They can also have various types of media for expanding upon or backing up the information shared in the text. That’s why you see so many videos accompanying text, while using quality pictures will also make your content stand out.

People often find reading too much gray text as boring and will quickly lose interest in the copy. You can make things easier for them by breaking up your text and ensuring that it flows more naturally.


9. Writing Meta Information

All content pieces require meta descriptions and meta tags, as it helps search engines display short descriptions of your content. You will also require a title tag that will display the page’s title, which shouldn’t be longer than 70 characters, as that is the maximum limit allowed by Google.

You must ensure your meta description is around 160 characters, so that you can easily display what your content is about on the search engine rankings page.

10. Use a Lot of Subheadings

It doesn’t matter if your topic is narrow because you can use subheadings to break up the text, which will allow you to use your prominent keywords consistently throughout the page. Subheadings are not only great for breaking up text, but they also make it easier for readers to scan through the information shared on the page.


In SEO content writing, you must consider your strategy’s goals and the search engine’s ranking factors at the same time. Writing great SEO content is all about following a process and sharing valuable information with your target audience. When you provide a unique and qualified experience to readers, they are more likely to visit your page again and recommend it to others. It also does no harm in improving your page’s ranking in the SERPs.

Therefore, if you’re looking for high-quality SEO content writing for your website, you should talk with the experts at Content Development Pros. We can guarantee superior results for your website by making your content shine and your website rank higher on search engines with our content writing services. Get in touch today to learn more.

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