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The Best Guest Post Databases to Submit Your Posts

Read on and find out the top guest post databases

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If you’re new to guest posting/ guest blogging and are looking for the best guest post database for your business, you’re in the right place. Here, we have compiled a giant list of the best guest post databases where you can submit your posts to expand your reach, grow your audience, and improve your online reputation without paying a single penny!

Today, more than 70% of small businesses have an online presence and are making the most out of it by incorporating a blog into their websites. However, your blogging efforts shouldn’t be restricted to your own website if you want to expand your reach. Guest blogging has proven to be an excellent way to increase your organic traffic, gain new customers, and earn high search engine rankings.

Perhaps more than the many other link-building techniques, guest blogging offers endless benefits to businesses if done the right way. Google won’t penalize you for posting well-researched, original content to a website or a blog that is authoritative and relevant to your niche. But how to find the best guest post database that is right for your business?

Find out here!

What is Guest Blogging/ Guest Posting?

Guest posting is where you contribute high-quality, well-researched, and well-written blog posts to other websites that are authoritative and relevant to your business.

It has been a very popular strategy to get quality backlinks and thus improve your domain authority and search engine ranking. However, its benefits do not end there, as it helps you grow your audience, enhance your online visibility, build relationships with relevant businesses that belong to your niche, and improve your overall brand reputation.

However, you cannot post your blogs on just any website. To benefit from guest blogging, you need to do it the right way, and for that, you need to consider a few essential things and follow some steps.

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How to Start with Guest Posting?

Step 1: Know the Purpose of Your Guest Blogging

The first thing you need to know is the purpose of your blog. Ask yourself why you want to publish your blog on someone else’s website. Is it for getting backlinks, gaining more followers or subscribers, making new customers, etc.?

Step 2: Find Guest Posting Opportunities

 The second step requires you to look for the guest posting opportunities the other website offers.

Below are some of the main approaches to finding guest post opportunities:

Search Google for Websites that Accept Guest Posts

The best place to look for guest blogging opportunities that are relevant to your site is Google. Use keywords or key phrases in your sector to conduct a series of searches and pair them with phrases like “write for us.”

For example, if you’re looking for a guest blogging site on “SEO,” search them in the following pattern:

“SEO” + “guest post”

You can use a wide range of phrases on Google to find guest blogging sites that accept your content, such as:

  • guest post
  • submit a guest post
  • accept guest posts
  • guest author
  • submit a guest post
  • Write for us
  • Guest post guidelines
  • become a contributor
  • editorial guidelines

This technique is time-consuming when done manually. Automation tools make it much easier.


Find Sites that Influencers Use

When you’re starting out in any field, the best way to break into it is to look up to the experts in that field, take their advice, and follow their path.

When looking for the best guest post database to contribute your content, keep an authoritative figure in your field, such as a blogger, in your mind. It helps you find your ideal sites quickly and easily.

For this, again, search on Google, using terms like “guest post by [the influencer’s name]” The search will give you an endless list of blogs and sites that accept blog posts from that influencer and others like them.

Once you find the sites, your next step should be to contact them and propose a collaboration.

Research Your Competitor’s Backlinks

Researching your competitor’s backlinks is one of the best ways to determine the most relevant websites for your business. Competitor analysis tools like Ahrefs or SemRush analyze your competitors’ backlink profiles, hence providing you with guest post opportunities. Check out our full list of tools here.

Content is the King!

Not every site you want to post your content accepts guest posts. The website you have chosen may be one of the best guest blogging websites and is authoritative and relevant to your business, but it may not want to publish your content. The key to getting through successfully is writing high-quality content. Your goal shouldn’t be to target multiple fewer authority websites but fewer high-authority ones.

The same rule applies here as it is for link building. What matters here is quality, not quantity, which was once a criterion. Today, Google prioritizes quality over quantity and penalizes websites that try to forcefully emphasize to over-optimize their content to get too many links or opt for paid links.

Below is a list of the best guest post databases that are authoritative, and accept guest posts. But remember that quality content is the key to guest posting success. Do not reach out to it if you are not ready or do not have the means to produce well-research quality content; otherwise, you’ll end up looking for ways to reduce the bounce rate.


The Best Guest Post Databases to Submit Your Posts

Below is a categorized list of the best high authority guest post websites for you to contribute your guest posts. Although you can search these sites on an online guest post database, such as, that lists the top guest posting websites with metrics and other information, this list will make the process easier for you.

Before you explore the list below, remember that the suggestions we made here are on the basis of the Domain Authority (DA) of these websites. However, there’s no guarantee that these sites will accept your blog posts even if you create high-quality content.

All of the following guest posting websites have high DA (above 30).

But who determines whether a site has a high domain authority or not?


The traffic data of the millions of consumers that use Alexa’s toolbar enables it to rank over 30 million websites. It makes Alexa a good indicator of a site’s popularity and authority.

With that said, the list below contains the sites that are within Alexa’s top rankings.

Top 10 Guest Post Sites for the Category, Digital Marketing, SEO and Social Networks

WebsiteDAAlexa RankDifficulty
GoDaddy Garage97131Extreme
Outbrain Blog95177Hard
Search Engine Land914,256Extreme
Search Engine Watch8810,799Hard
blogger copy8922,600Hard
Social Media Examiner 866,276Hard

Top 10 Guest Post Sites for the Category, Blogging, Lifestyle, Popular Media, Entertainment

WebsiteDAAlexa RankDifficulty
Huffington Post98152Hard
A List Apart9029,485Hard
How Stuff Works881,631Hard

Top 10 Guest Post Sites for the Category Technology, Gadgets and Computers

WebsiteDAAlexa RankDifficulty
Tech Crunch94523Extreme
The Verge93600Extreme
The Next Web911,960Hard
Republic Tech883,295Hard
GSM Arena83359Extreme
New Atlas855,283Hard


Top 10 Guest Post Sites for the Category, Business and Finance

WebsiteDAAlexa RankDifficulty
Business Insider95292Extreme
Survey Monkey Blog94610Hard
Fast Company923,960Extreme
Harvard Business Review912,739Extreme
venture blow902,886Hard

Top 10 Guest Post Sites for the Category Web Design and Web Development

WebsiteDAAlexa RankDifficulty
Smashing Magazine903,914Extreme
creative block872,482Hard
template monster842,637Moderate
css tricks841,474Hard
Envato Tuts +821,607Hard
island theme8210,930Moderate
android core791,499Hard
Web Design Deposit797,889Hard

This was our list of the top high domain guest posting sites you can use to post your content. So far, you might have shortlisted a few. But make sure to identify the purpose of your guest posts, and look for the guest posting opportunities your selected sites offer as well as their guidelines.

Although it is a lot of work and many businesses opt to outsource this type of link outreach, guest posting is one of the best ways to expand your reach and build your online reputation by showcasing your content to a wider audience. Just follow the right steps, and be careful in choosing the guest post database for your business.

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