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Examples of Link Building Outreach Done the Right Way

Read on to discover the best link building outreach example!

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Link building is one of the best SEO techniques that help you improve your domain authority and gain more visibility and higher search engine rankings if done the right way. In fact, every business that has an online appearance must incorporate a link building campaign into its SEO strategy to expand its reach and improve its brand positioning.

But how to do it the right way? What link building strategies to follow for increasing domain authority? Should you outsource it?

It’s not just about gaining more and more backlinks but quality ones that are relevant to your website. The best link building strategies work on improving the internal navigation of a brand’s page and its user experience, by ensuring that the backlinks are of high quality and come from authoritative websites that are related to your niche.

So, if you’re looking for a link building outreach example to learn to do it the right way, here’s a list of examples of successful link building outreach strategies. These examples will surely help you gain a better website positioning, increase your traffic and sell more.

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Examples of the Best Link Building Outreach Strategies

Fitting a link into the content of an article is just the beginning. You must also put into practice a series of strategies that will help you boost your web page and get extra points so that search engines position you better.

The great thing about these techniques is that they are quickly indexed, so you will immediately see the results. Do you want to put it to the test?

So here are examples of some of the best link building outreach techniques done the right way!

1. Guest Posting Strategy

If you have a good network of contacts, you will surely be interested in doing guest posting for your link strategy.

It consists of offering your skills as an expert and writer on highly relevant sites. If you already have the contacts, get ready to send a great proposal via email.

In your proposal to make a guest posting, you must include your good reputation in the sector, some success stories that you have had on your site or others, and the themes you would like to develop for the said blog or page.

Remember that this is a win-win strategy, so you must emphasize above all what the main benefits would be.

Here are some tips to help you get a positive response:

  • Include in the proposal some works already finished so that you give your next collaborator the freedom to choose the one they want to publish.
  • Adapt your content to the style of the receiving blog. It is about writing similarly to how your collaborator does to make the link more natural. It can be a lot of work, so use AI writing tools.
  • Offer content in different formats, not just links to text articles. You can also offer an informative video or even an infographic.
  • Link outreach is a lot of work, so you need to find ways to make the outreach easier on yourself. Here’s our guide for that.
  • Don’t forget that there are databases where you can submit guest posts.


2. Link Baiting

Link bait is another useful link building outreach example. However, this technique is known to be highly exaggerated. Some users even use the term to negatively describe those sites that use deceptive links just to get visitors.

But the origin of this technique is to use relevant, very interesting, and almost viral information that allows users with great influence to comment on it.

The purpose of link bait is for users to take your link and use it on social networks or blog articles to help you get more audience.

But to achieve this you must create highly viral content. Here are some ideas to make an article worthy of link baiting.

  • Write about the news with a lot of boom in the popular group. Here you can use sensationalism in your favor (without abusing it).
  • Talk about other experts in the industry you trade in, and highlight possible mistakes with their methods.
  • Create press releases with a bit of humor. The idea is that the media and users want to share your news.

3. Optimize Old Content

This strategy is great for SEO. You know Google loves to keep your site up to date, but when you go the extra mile to optimize and add new information to an old article, it’s almost like bringing flowers to it.

The same happens if you optimize old content that has given you good results as external links.

To do this, you can go to your favorite analytics tool and look for those old posts with the highest number of backlinks and visits.

Now all you have to do is contact the media that linked you to offer them the updated content. This is a proposal that they cannot refuse since it is also effective for their SEO.

4. Comment on Blogs and Forums

The purpose of forums and blogs is to offer an immediate solution to users’ problems or questions. But on some platforms, those solutions are scarce, especially when users want to read an expert’s opinion. So now is your time to shine.

Look for a forum or a blog that is closely related to the theme of your website. Here you have to spend a little time searching through the threads or user comments. If you see that there is one that has not been answered correctly, you can comment.

Remember that it must be very natural. Speak spontaneously about your own experience and how the information found in the link was very helpful to you. You will see that it will start generating visits in the blink of an eye.

Some platforms make this type of link for you, saving hours and hours of work in the search and creation of these.


5. Send Your Content via Newsletter

Email marketing is so versatile that it can even help you get a quality link while you take advantage of a long list of subscribers. And who knows, among them, you have an expert or influencer in your sector who decides to share your brilliant posts with their audience.

So you better get ready to share the most amazing newsletter on the internet.

First, you must make sure to include only the most current valuable content that you have on your blog, that is, all those copies that you want to link externally.

Then, you can follow the recommendations below to make super attractive digital newsletters for your subscribers.

  • Add an appropriate CTA: you don’t want your subscribers to just read or buy, but create a link with your website.
  • It includes useful buttons: For example, to share on social networks or even a button to generate a shortened link.
  • Segment your subscribers very well: You can create a list with contacts with highly relevant domains that can help you in your link building.
  • Add a section to collaborate: If those users are not interested in the contents of the newsletter, they can contact you to request a collaboration.

6. Give Away Your Infographics

As discussed earlier, not only are link texts effective, but images, videos, and infographics are also incredibly attractive to link to.

In this case, infographics are excellent for complementing, summarizing, or simplifying extremely dense information.

Users are looking for an easy and simple solution when it comes to a complicated topic. So you can make an infographic that summarizes a third-party article “as a gift” for that web page.

This is also a timely collaboration, as users will be more pleased, and you will gain more visits with the link they will use.

You can also use your infographics in your internal linking or the comments of forums.

7. Take Advantage of Broken Links

A broken link is something that discourages your ranking in Google. This is something that you should let the owners of a certain domain know that you are interested in linking.

To your advantage, you can offer them a link from your site to replace information that is no longer available.

If you are lucky, they will remove the broken link and replace it with yours. You will receive increased traffic and surely cultivate a relationship for future link building collaborations.

But how do you know which are the broken links of a site that is not yours? Some tools, such as Deadlink Checker, W3 Check Link, Check bot, Broken Link Check, etc., find it out!

They are very easy to use. You just have to paste a website link and click on Check. You will see a list with all the broken links in a moment. Likewise, you can use filters only to search for broken links directed to your site or vice versa.

If you do it correctly, you get quality links and increase your authority organically. If you rush to get more and more links by forcefully emphasizing or opting for paid links, you cannot escape Google’s eyes.


8. Use Viral Content

This strategy is also a friend of link baiting, only using viral content. If you see that there is some information that has a lot of traffic on social networks, you can use it to your advantage.

But remember, it must be something that is closely related to your market sector. It can be a meme, a video, a piece of news, or any type of content, to attract the attention of users.

This is a good opportunity to take advantage of the networking phenomenon. Post your chosen link on Facebook or Twitter and tag some personalities who are participating in the viral topic.

You can also respond to user comments that have a lot of mentions.

As a result, two great things will happen:

  • You will get a lot of feedback.
  • People would want to use your content on their website.

9. Do Link Building in Local Media

Local targeting can be extremely great for getting traffic where no one else is looking. So a great method for link building is to use local media.

Search the Internet for the most important newspapers or news blogs in your city, then study them well.

Find out what its sections and the most popular themes are. Then get ready to make an irresistible proposal.


You are going to need a lot of backlinks to compete (just check our research). Hopefully, you have found from this list the best link building outreach example that you believe will work best for you.

Now, you already have all the tools. You can combine them and make an enviable strategy to position your business where you want it.

But if it seems like a lot of work and you need time, Content Development Pros will help you build your empire of links while you dedicate yourself to the most important thing in your digital business.

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