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How to Use Jasper Boss Mode (Ultimate Guide)

Read on and learn how to use Jasper Boss mode!

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You might have heard of or used, the AI-powered tool for generating optimized quality content easier and faster to gain online visibility. But do you know how to use Jasper Boss mode?

Jasper AI saves you time and helps you generate better short form and long form content faster by assisting you with new content ideas and creating personalized, unique, and highly-optimized original content. Its in-built templates make your copy optimized for the right keywords to ensure you achieve high search engine rankings. In short, Jasper’s Boss mode enables you to create blog posts, Facebook ads, and all sorts of content 5 times faster.

Jasper’s Boss mode enables you to control Jasper’s platform’s AI, unlock its commands, and create high-quality content twice the amount in half time.

If you’re new to this mode and want to learn how to create epic content using its Boss mode, here’s our definitive guide on how to use Jasper Boss Mode!

What is Jasper Boss Mode?

Jasper AI was created in January 2021 and soon secured its place in the market, amassing over 50k paying customers. Since then, the company has been introducing new features to fulfill the increasingly rapid content creation needs of today’s fast-paced business world, where success depends on how quickly one can keep up with the trends and create high-quality content.

Today, Jasper offers three different pricing based upon the features you desire. See below! You can click here to ensure it’s the latest.

Jasper’s Starter AI plan is great if you just need help for specific, short-form writing tasks such as creating text for digital ads or Chat support. This is a valid option for a lot of businesses (starting at only $29/mo.), and it’s a good way to get your feet wet with AI writing while keeping more money in your pocket. That said, the true power of Jasper AI is with it’s Boss Mode offering, and it’s Google Docs style editor.

We will review how to use that later in this article, but the Google Docs style editor is a very cool, powerful way to increase your content output and quality. Essentially, a Google Doc opens, and you tell Jasper what to write, such as “>Write a two sentence tip about the benefits of flossing,” and Jasper AI will write a unique two sentences. Understanding how to use commands is the power of Jasper AI’s boss mode, and will enable you to write very quality long form documents. Check out the full demo on this here.

Benefits of Jasper Boss Mode

If you want to maximize the use of Jasper AI, using its Boss Mode is highly recommended. The main benefit of Boss Mode vs. the Starter plan is, as mentioned above, is the Google Docs style editor.

Aside from that specifically, the benefits of using Jasper AI more broadly for your business are many:

  • Increase ALL content output: Because the Google Docs style editor is so flexible, you can use it to assist with all forms of content. This includes Tweets, Facebook posts, Google Ads, replies to comments, email newsletters, case studies, and whatever your business needs to succeed.
  • Break through writer’s block: AI writing tools can’t completely replace human writers. It’s not (yet) particularly good with writing that needs to be well researched. That said, it can certainly provide a rough draft and sample text which can be used to spark a new idea.
  • Translate into 25 different languages: Hey, not everyone speaks American English. Using Jasper AI to translate your text into different languages is easy (easier than working with Google Translate in my opinion.
  • A community of marketers: AI writing is still new, and trying to utilize commands might seem daunting at first. Luckily, Jasper AI has a solid community of marketers on Facebook who are in the same boat. There are so many helpful YouTube videos related to using Jasper AI, and I’ve personally found Jasper’s newsletter to be very helpful.

The last one that I’ll mention is that it’s honestly so very fun. Typing in a random command to see what Jasper comes up with is neat, almost like magic. Even if you aren’t looking to buy, I recommend everyone to at least sign up for the free trial to check it out because this is the future. 

Features of Jasper Boss Mode

Unlocking Jasper’s AI commands and creating content faster are not the only perks of Jasper Boss Mode. It gives you access to its more premium features than the Jasper Starter plan does.

Here’s a quick overview of the features offered by Jasper Boss Mode:

Extended Lookback

Extended lookback refers to Jasper’s ability to write new content based upon previous content in a document. This is important to ensure relevancy, and reduce repetition.

With Jasper’s Starter plan, Jasper reads 600 characters in lookback; with Boss Mode, it is now possible for the software to read from 2,000 to 3,000 characters. This is an important feature for those looking to create longer, more advanced text. Editing time is 10x faster with this Lookback feature and requires little input from the content creator.

Unlocking the Compose Button

This feature gives you the option of enjoying unlimited compositions. The process becomes faster since you no longer have to make any changes to the text and write the words yourself.

Thanks to Boss mode, all you have to do is click on the button, and everything starts automatically. Moreover, you can click on it as many times as you want.

Thus, the modifications made by you are no longer useful. Indeed, Jasper offers you as many results as you want. The generation of content will be more efficient since you will have a wide choice of content according to your needs.

Jasper AI Commands

Commands is the feature for this tool.

When you talk to in Boss mode, you can activate voice commands and ask Jasper to generate content that meets your needs. You just need to clearly define your needs for the AI ​​to take care of the content generation quickly. You also need to open the long text template for everything to go well.

You can request the software for an introduction of your blog posts, but it can also offer you entire content on demand. In addition to the introduction, you can generate the plans, the body of the article made up of paragraphs, and the conclusion.

It should be clarified that Jasper is not only reserved for generating blog content. You can use it for many purposes:

  • Marketing emails
  • Entire ebooks
  • sporting goods
  • Narrative writings
  • promotional items
  • Articles on finances, etc.

In addition, the content can be translated into different languages ​​and in many tones according to your needs.

Now that you know all the main features and possibilities offered by Jasper’s Boss Mode, it’s time to find out how to use it step by step.

jasper ai writing assistant

How to Set Up Jasper Boss Mode (Google Doc Style Editor)

Here are the steps to use Jasper in boss mode.

  1. Starting the Google Docs style editor. Press the + sign next to Documents, which is located in the sidebar on the left side.
  2. Select start from scratch. You will now have two options to choose from, either start from scratch “Start from Scratch” using templates and wizard commands, or use “Blog post workflow” ideal for blog posts. By choosing the first option, you immediately have access to the editor and the writing begins right away. By opting for the second, you have to go through filling many sections in order for the blog post template to display in the editor. Moreover, it can only be displayed once the configuration is complete.
  3. Define a context and inform the assistant about it: Jasper relies on the writing context to generate the requested content. To do this, do not forget to fill in all the pages that are in the left sidebar of the editor. However, although this is Boss Mode, you only have to ask the wizard to provide you with all the ideas that will make up your content: one idea, one section.
  4. The plan of your content: The plan is the basis of everything, it should not be neglected because the quality of the content strongly depends on it. Moreover, the establishment of the plan helps you to compose your different sections. To do this, use a Jasper command, it’s as simple as that.

Normally, in generated content, we find:

  • The “Title” that corresponds to the title of your content
  • The “Content description” is none other than the summary of the subject you want to write. It must be 600 characters.
  • Keywords: A crucial part if you want SEO-optimized content (natural referencing). To do this, your Jasper account must be integrated with Surfer SEO. You are allowed to come up with three keywords and the wizard will work to incorporate them into the content repeatedly. The keywords are not necessarily mandatory, but if you are aware of the effectiveness of content optimization, you will not hesitate.
  • The length of the content: classified in S, M, or L; the choice is yours.

The plan is the basis of everything. It should not be neglected because the quality of the content strongly depends on it. Moreover, the establishment of the plan helps you to compose your different sections. To do this, use a Jasper command; it’s as simple as that.

You can compose your plan for H2 and H3 according to your needs. You can also number or bullet point, highlight, add smileys if needed, or put in italics. There are plenty of options for you to get the content that meets your needs down to the smallest detail.

Step-by-Step Guide to Use Jasper Boss Mode

If you had only inserted the above information, the result would likely not be useable. It would produce something like the below.

Jasper, even in Boss Mode, needs guidance. Jasper AI is very good at taking directions, but can’t produce quality long-form content without your help.

With our document open, let’s have a detailed look at how to guide Jasper to create long form content. We will create a blog post in this scenario (which is actually easier using Jasper’s Blog Post template), but you can utilize the same process (perhaps with different format) for all sorts of content types including books, case studies, and more.

1. Write the introduction

Some people need no introduction, but I think all good long form content should tell the reader what they are going to learn and why it matters. When writing an introduction with Jasper AI, it’s key to tell it how to write an introduction.  There are many ways to start an article, including:

  • An interesting stat
  • A common dilemma
  • Personal anecdote
  • A famous quote

The more specific you can be with Jasper about how you want your introduction written, the better the results. What’s also fun is that you can ask Jasper to do more than one opening type, like the below.

2. Create the outline

Like the introduction, Jasper won’t write a very useful outline without your help. If you just asked it to write the outline, it would come out something like this.

The above outline doesn’t really capture the spirit of what I’m trying to write. While listing out the various benefits of AI writing is great, I’m really trying to accomplish is an article about how to use AI to produce an article.

Instead of asking Jasper to write an outline and hoping it will get it right, you need to think of the right question to ask Jasper:

  • What do you want the reader to learn from this article?
  • What information will clearly communicate this information?

Asking Jasper questions related to this is the right way to use AI to create a great outline. So, for our example, I’ll ask Jasper what a writer should know to write an effective blog article:

From this output, I see a few useful ideas that can be used in my outline. From here, I would command Jasper:

  • >Write about how Jasper AI can be used to write articles that reflect an author’s voice
  • >Write about how Jasper AI can be used to write articles that use a conversational tone
  • >Write about how Jasper AI can be used to write articles provide valuable insights

And here’s one such paragraph that would excellent to include in my work-in-progress article.

Sure, it could use some touching up, but this is the true power of AI that can make quality, long form content production much quicker.

3. Write the conclusion

Writing the conclusion with AI is very similar to the introduction. You simply need to guide Jasper on how you’d like to wrap it up. Unlike the outline of the content, conclusions are straightforward and do not need too much guidance (unless you want to end the writing in a particularly unique way).

In general, you can command something like and produce something nearly ready to publish:

  • >Write the conclusion for the above article

 If you don’t like what Jasper produces, you can follow these guidelines for ending your content:

  • Restate the topic and reinforce why it was important
  • Summarize what was learned, and link to additional resources

Useful Short Keys for Boss Mode

Here are some shortcuts to know about Jasper Boss Mode to make it easier to use (CMD for Mac and CTRL for Windows and Linux):

  • Cmd+Enter: to execute a command
  • Cmd+Shift+Enter: to execute a command and stay on the page
  • Cmd+K: to display the history of commands and return to the commands already used
  • Cmd+J: for the composition according to the length chosen beforehand
  • Cmd+Z: to cancel
  • Cmd+/: to repeat

Before executing a command, make sure the cursor is at the end of the command, whether you’re using a Mac or Windows.

Also, depending on the content category, the order may be different. For example, for Ads, you can ask, “Write ad titles for the product description above”. For the videos, “Write some Youtube titles on the subject”.

Jasper uses transition words during content generation to make it relevant and quality: for example, finally, in my experience, etc.

With these transition words, you will see a natural flow of ideas in the content. This is essential since it brings a human touch to the article.

Additional Resources

This article gives you all the tools to use Boss Mode, but the devil is really in details when thinking about how to create different kinds of content from social media (LinkedIn vs. Twitter), advertising (Paid Search vs. Display), email, Art (image for blog article vs. image for ad), and so much more.

Here are some additional resources that I have found particularly useful:

  • Jasper AI Facebook Community: This community has nearly 70,000 people who actively post. Post a question here if you are ever struggling.
  • Jasper’s YouTube Channel: So many in-depth videos on ways to use Jasper AI!
  • Jasper’s Bootcamp: Jasper offers its own certification course to teach newbies how to use the tool proficiently. I would highly recommend taking this course to ensure you are getting the most from the tool


We hope the information we shared has helped you understand how to use Jasper Boss Mode, and uncovered how useful it can be in writing content. AI writing assistants are still a new phenomenon, but will soon become the standard for any business that creates content.

If you don’t yet have a Jasper Boss Mode subscription, you can sign up here for free here and get started with 10,000 words.

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