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How to Hire a Writer for an Ebook

Read on to find out how to hire writer for ebook!

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If you are a web entrepreneur (perhaps trying to grow your email list), you have probably noticed that many sites offer their customers a free or paid digital book. The idea tempts you, but you still doubt the relevance of having an ebook written.

Maybe you already have a content idea, but you don’t know how to bring your white paper project to life. You can’t find the time to write that guide, brochure, or tutorial you have in mind. The solution that many web entrepreneurs have already reached to create profitable content is very simple: have an ebook written by a professional.

Below you’ll find how an ebook represents a powerful marketing tool for many professionals visible on the web, why it is important to get it written by a pro, and how to hire a writer for that!

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Why Write an Ebook?

The digital book is a digital product that is set to develop. Indeed, Internet users and mobile users increasingly prefer reading on screens. Beyond this practical aspect, an ebook is much more than a loss leader: it is an effective commercial lever for any company, whatever its size and sector of activity.

Generally, we talk about ebooks for different types of works, such as fictional novels, biographies, or personal development books. But these digital books can also bring great value to your business.

Having an ebook written to offer it on your website, for free or for a fee, can be a plus for your business and be part of your marketing strategy.

The Free Ebook, a Powerful Digital Marketing Tool

The free ebook is an excellent communication medium for:

  • Transmitting precise information and demonstrating your expertise on a particular subject;
  • Gaining credibility and increasing your notoriety with your community or professionals in your sector with, for example, a company white paper to be integrated into a B2B content marketing  strategy;
  • Give added value to products or services: an ebook is a written medium that can support videos, deepen the theme of an article, etc.;
  • Respond to the needs and concerns of a target audience and, in doing so, build customer loyalty;
  • Make your readers want to know more, go further, and, why not, then use your services, buy your training, a more complete guide, or even a product mentioned in the ebook offered;
  • Advance prospects in the sales funnel and increase the conversion rate on your site;
  • Enrich your mailing list as long as you comply with the principal data protection legislation.


The Paid Ebook as a Marketable Product

A well-designed and well-marketed e-book can also become a source of regular income.

Paid ebooks are usually longer than free ebooks and provide premium content. Its selling price varies according to its length and its theme. An ebook can be monetized if it meets a particular need of Internet users:

  • Ebooks that target highly specialized areas (finance, stock market investment, real estate, legal, etc.) have strong commercial potential;
  • In general, rare or so-called “niche” sectors are very buoyant;
  • The tips for creating a blog, a YouTube channel, and an Instagram profile are of interest to many Internet users, as is everything related to strategies for presence on social networks.

Why Have an Ebook Written by a Professional Web Editor?

Sometimes finding the time to get started is a writer’s biggest challenge, even if they’re overflowing with ideas. This is especially true for entrepreneurs and busy executives.

In addition, writing an ebook requires proven skills. Relying on the expertise of a professional writer to have an ebook written is therefore highly recommended!

Delegating the writing of your texts to a professional writer will save you precious time that you can devote to other aspects of your business.

You also get a quality ebook written to convey a serious image, to show your know-how. If a badly written document considerably harms the credibility of the author, on the contrary, quality language constitutes a pledge of confidence for your prospects, your customers, or your partners.

In addition, to optimize the commercial potential of an ebook, determining its subject according to the sales objectives is essential. Professional web writers, seasoned in digital communication, guide you on this fundamental aspect and help you to determine a promising theme in line with your activity.


These writers also use specific and optimized vocabulary, an aspect that is particularly important for defining your ebook title. Indeed, a well-formulated title containing the right keywords is essential to the success of an e-book.

Finally, if your objective is to lead readers to a purchase (product, service, training, etc.) after reading your ebook, web editors qualified in copywriting will be valuable allies to work on the formulation of your ebook’s content to increase its promotional effectiveness.

Therefore, it is not a mystery if more and more web entrepreneurs offer or sell ebooks. It will be able to generate income for several years as a long-term investment.

In addition, hiring a writer for your ebook establishes a relationship of mutual trust with them. The professional will be brought to know your company. As a result, a writer can, if you wish later, provide significant assistance for the production of other content or even support you more generally in developing your activity on the Internet.

How to Hire a Writer for an Ebook?

Ask for References

Word of mouth is the best way to find a proven writing service: if you know friends or colleagues who have published a book, as well as contacts in the publishing industry, ask them for recommendations.

Explain your needs and expectations to them so that they can recommend a professional agency that fits your project.

Find a Writer on an Online Platform

If you’re looking for a ghostwriter to help you with your writing project, different content development platforms offer a wide variety of professional writers who handle anything from writing articles and blog posts to creating e-books and more.

When you visit such a platform, browse the profiles of different writers. Once you find some that look promising, take some time to read the ratings and reviews given by those who have already hired their services.

Once you’ve found several options, send them a message and let them know what kind of project you’re working on. Make sure you are clear about your budget and what you are looking for in it.

But opting for a writing agency is a plus as the agency connects you with the best writer for your ebook.

Estimate the Cost of Writing

Agencies usually charge per project whose cost is based on a standard number of words/pages. However, freelancers work by the hour, although this is the least recommended option.

A 50% deposit is usually required in advance, with the remainder due upon project completion.

In any case, it is difficult to give you an exact figure since the professional fees of a writer vary a lot depending on the following factors:

Writer’s Experience

More experienced, more expensive. The level of the projects a writer has worked on will give you an idea of ​​what you can expect in terms of results and cost. Here are some things to consider:

  • The number of projects they have done.
  • The types of projects they have written (books, articles, blog posts, etc.).
  • The sectors in which they have experience.

Extension and Complexity of the Work

In general, the more complex the project, the higher the fee: if the hired writing professional only writes the text, the fee will be lower. However, if you take responsibility for looking for information, rummaging through files, contacting people, etc., it will take more time to work and, therefore, the rate will go up.

Book Genre

Writing a scientific book, for example, will require different skills than writing a fiction or self-improvement text. So whether it’s a personal biography, a fictional novel, or a technical text, the complexity of the genre influences the price.


Tips to Hire Writer for Ebook

Ask for Samples of their Work

Although a writer should not deliver samples of previous work – with which they would be violating the contract, even verbal, of confidentiality with their clients-, they can send you examples of their own texts published on their website or, preferably, if they have books published under their authorship.

Identify Their Working Method

Every writer has their own process that they have developed over time. Find out if the work method of the professional to be hired is compatible with your project in terms of preparation time, manuscript delivery, revisions, and others.

Good communication from the beginning is crucial for the workflow to flow!

Set Conditions and Budget

Before signing any contract, determine issues such as:

  • Confidentiality clause to protect customer privacy.
  • Commitment to deliver the content in the agreed time
  • Copyright.
  • Payment Methods.
  • Any possibility of expansion or revision of the project.
  • That the content is an original creation and thus avoids risks of plagiarism.

How to Work with a Professional Writer?

Assuming you’ve already found a writer you’re comfortable working with, the next step is to start crafting the structure of your book. This will involve some back and forth between you and the writer:

You Communicate the Idea

The writer does not read minds: if you want something specific in the book, make sure you communicate it. Be prepared to share your story, your initial outline, and any other relevant information that will serve as an input and starting point.

Tell about Your Audience to Which the Book will be Directed

The way you communicate with your boss is different from the way you talk with your best friend. The same goes for your readers. Should the hired writer write for a group of experts on the subject, or should they reach a general audience?

The key is to adapt the writing to your audience and your purpose.

Put a Title

From the hand of the hired professional writer, choose a working title from the beginning to keep the content focused. It doesn’t have to be the definitive one and you can change and polish it later, but try to keep the following basic characteristics of a good title:

  • Reflect on the content.
  • Unique, short, and direct.
  • Easy to remember and grab attention.
  • Communicate the benefit of reading the book.

Content Structure

The writer should help you create an outline of the content of your book and determine what topics will be covered in each chapter.

Each chapter must include a brief description and an approximate number of pages. This way, the project will not get out of hand either by a disproportionate number of pages or so short that it seems like a manual.


Content Development

Once you have a basic outline, it is time to flesh out the matter by developing each point either from the research, interview, or online consultation.

While we recommend giving the writer some creative freedom to bring their expertise to the project, they should always capture your voice and bring your story to life: the book must sound like you wrote it and that it communicates your unique point of view.

If you notice that something is not working for you, do not be afraid to give your opinion and tell the writer: remember that your name will be printed on the cover of the book, and both the praise and the criticism that the work receives will fall on you.

Although the task of writing falls on the shoulders of a professional writer, if you’re hiring one, you are the one who signs the work: your reputation will be at stake with every word written in your book. Therefore, it is important to consider the aspects we shared above when hiring a writer for an ebook!

Do You Want to Hire a Writer for Ebook?

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