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7 eBook Marketing Strategies You Should Try

eBook marketing strategies

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The rapidly growing online user base has led to a significant shift in how we operate. People have ditched hunting for products and services in newspapers and magazines for a single Google search and in-visit shops for online shopping. Similarly, users have ditched the hassle of buying and reading manual books for eBooks.

Research shows that there were more than one billion eBook readers in 2021, and this number is expected to rise to 1.18 billion by 2026. This provides insight into the scope of eBooks for individual writers and businesses, no matter which industry they belong to. EBooks can establish you as an authority, generate business leads, divert traffic to your website, build trust and sell your product or service without actually selling. Seeing these benefits, companies are churning out eBooks every year.

In light of this, how do you market your eBook in a way that it sells?

 This guide will tell you about ten eBook marketing strategies that will concrete you at the top of the pack.


1. Create a Video to Market Your eBook

You might have an amazing eBook; how do you ensure it reaches the target audience? Spend your marketing budget on effective methods like video marketing. This holds especially true if this is your first eBook and you aren’t an established name that people resonate with. In today’s fast-paced world, people are always in a hurry. They won’t sit down to read a long paragraph or blog post about your eBook, and they definitely won’t read it to see if they are interested in continuing.

One way to get your message across is by leveraging the power of visuals to market your eBook. Video marketing will give your eBook a chance to be read. Users might skip written content, but they will spend time looking at images and videos. Highlight the essential content of your eBook in this short video, to attract the interest of potential readers. If a user sees what they like, they’ll give your eBook a read.

2. Ensure You Have a Professional Cover Page

While we’re on the subject of visuals, mentioning the wonders a nice-looking cover can do for you is essential. You’ve probably believed the old ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ adage, but that doesn’t apply here. With so many eBooks out there, many on the same subjects as yours, how do you make sure yours stands out? You should hire a professional eBook writer and designer to have a cover that makes a lasting impression.

However, there are other things to consider when making your eBook cover page. Ensure it is an articulate representation of your e-book’s content. Don’t go overboard here. A colorful cover for a financial eBook won’t cut it. Quite the contrary, in fact. It will put off potential readers as it doesn’t convey the book’s seriousness. Moreover, the title of the book should be clear and in-your-face. This is a good marketing strategy because readers would remember it when they talk about the book on their social media handles or by word of mouth.

3. Initiate Conversations On Social Media

In today’s digital age, you cannot undermine the relevance of social media. In 2022, the average person spends 147 minutes on social media every day. In light of this, what better platform to market your eBook than Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.? After all, it’s like free marketing, that too, where your potential target market exists! But it’s important to know which social media platform is relevant to your eBook content. The new age consumer is smart. They prefer subtle marketing, as it’s more likely to impact them, so it’s best to slip word about your eBook in social media conversations.

Here’s how. For example, if you wrote a book about working moms, you can join a group on Facebook that consists of working moms. Inform them that this book has tips for managing your work and children without neglect. If you wrote a book about when it’s time to leave your job, you would want to approach LinkedIn. Join groups about employees looking to switch jobs, and recommend and link your eBook. This clever marketing is highly effective in targeting your niche.


4. Leverage the Power of Email

In 2022, email marketing is still very much relevant. An average user checks their email 15 times a day, so rest assured your message will not go missed. Some might argue that open rates may be dropping, but that’s primarily due to the increase in emails people receive daily. You can ensure your message stands out using a few tactics. You want to invite readers to read your eBook through a concise and engaging email. Ensure the recipient opens your message by adding a GIF to your subject line. Your subject line should titillate the recipient’s curiosity. In our experience, things like ‘watch this video’ or ‘try this when nothing else works’ gets people to open your message.

Send emails about your eBook to your entire subscriber list. The email should be brief because no one has the time to read long, endless paragraphs. Add a p.s. at the end of the email to strike a rapport with the recipient. The email should contain a link to your eBook. A potential reader will not make an effort to search for the eBook. Make it as convenient as possible for them, and see the wonders yourself!

5. Keep Posting

Whether it’s your first or twentieth eBook, remember that eBooks have a timeless shelf-life. Make sure people keep reading your eBook, and the way to do that? Don’t stop posting about it! Whether it’s social media or your personal blog, keep writing about it. In fact, don’t forget to cite the eBook in any blogs you write, so it appears as a source of authority. You can also reuse old material from your eBook to maintain visibility.

Whatever you do, start from home. Post on your social media handles, share the e-book’s anniversary and mention any milestones like a set number of sales. The idea is to make sure your eBook stays relevant. Keep posting exciting snippets from the eBook that might attract a new set of readers or remind existing ones to talk about it too.

6. Write an Inviting Sales Page

If you want people to know about the actual value of your eBook, you need to write a compelling sales page. As a layperson, you may not have experience in doing so. One rookie mistake many people make is thinking if they can write an eBook, they can also write a sales page. However, fiction or non-fiction writing is very different from copywriting, for which you might need professional copywriting services.

This sale copy will include the main components of your eBook. These elements should aim to attract potential readers, not bore them. The average human attention span is 8.25 seconds, so you have this much time to impress a user. How do you do that? Highlight the benefits of this eBook to a potential user. Create a sense of urgency, i.e. why people must read this eBook. Follow the age-old marketing strategy of underlining a problem the reader may have, and mention that your eBook contains the solution. This persuasive sales copy will dictate how many readers you end up attracting.


7. Use an SEO Strategy

Searching engine optimization (SEO) is of imperative importance when it comes to eBooks, i.e. online books. Use keywords relevant to the topic you’re writing on. A strong SEO strategy ensures your eBook ranks high on organic search engines like Google, ultimately bringing in the maximum amount of organic traffic. This ‘warm’ traffic is likelier to increase sales. These users are also more likely to talk about your eBook by word of mouth, post on their social media profiles and more, which will further boost sales.

Use long-tail keywords in your copy that people are likely to search for. This will direct them to your website, and you should have a professional website where people can download the eBook. Using short keywords will increase competition, so steer clear of them. Alternatively, you should consider a professional writing service with knowledge about the proper use of SEO to ensure you attract a global audience.

Professional eBook that Sells! 

All eBook marketing strategies are redundant without a properly written, well-designed, and formatted eBook. Even the most articulate writer can make mistakes, so get in touch with professionals to write an eBook that sells. Content Development Pros offers custom eBook writing services for various industries, whether it’s finance, health-commerce, or others.

This professional writing service has significant experience creating eBooks written and designed according to the client’s exact requirements, with a quick turnaround. Your marketing strategies might attract an audience, but an expertly written eBook, proofread and formatted to perfection, is what will make them stay. Don’t waste this opportunity and boost your authority with a professional eBook exclusively written under your name.

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