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10 Proven Email Marketing Tips for Startups

Proven Email Marketing Tips for Startups

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Email marketing is a slow but steady digital marketing technique that produces long-lasting results (that’s why it’s the #1 strategy). While many startups ignore email marketing until they can assemble a list of customer addresses, it can bring significant benefits if initiated from the beginning.

When marketing your business as a startup, you cannot leave any stone unturned. Sure, boosting on social media platforms can gain quick attention from the audiences, but staying in business is another matter where email marketing plays an important role.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at email marketing tips for startups that can help produce results even with a short, limited audience list:

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Produce High-Quality Emails

As a startup, you cannot afford marketing mistakes. Hence, you must produce high-quality content free of grammatical, spelling, and design errors. Good-looking content is the key to grabbing the attention of audiences in 2022. Therefore, you must proofread and test-run your marketing emails before you send them out. Optimizing marketing emails to display correctly on web and smartphone browsers and apps is also essential.

Email marketing is a low-cost marketing method. Anyone can create a marketing email using the various free templates and software. However, creating high-quality emails requires time and effort. It doesn’t matter if your product or service is expensive or affordable. Your marketing content must be high-quality to generate audience interest. So don’t hold back from investing time, energy, and effort to improve the quality of your marketing emails.

Write and Rewrite Content

This is probably one of the most challenging email marketing tips for startups and one of the most surprising ones as well. Writing content is not as easy as some might believe. As a marketer, you must be careful about the number of words, the words you choose, and even the syllables each word contains. Your content must be designed according to the audience you want to attract. Therefore, you cannot just write an email in a minute, and press send.

Writing an effective marketing email requires brainstorming sessions where you create a story. The story will help you create a heading, a subheading, and body content for the email. It will keep the email content cohesive and allow you to maintain readers’ interest. Utilize the flow of the story to connect to the audience and lay the foundation of trust and reliability.

Once you have written the content, read and refine it wherever required. Reading it from the audience’s perspective may help you improve it further.


Add Visual Appeal

The digital world is all about visual aesthetics. However, different age groups and audience brackets have varied preferences. Some audiences prefer static visuals, while others prefer flashy videos. Moreover, the colors, themes, and moods that attract audiences can also differ. But as much as audience groups can have varied tastes, anyone can spot a good design when they see it.

As a marketer, paying attention to the visual aesthetics of your marketing emails can significantly benefit you. Pay attention to the quality of your visual elements, color schemes, graphic styles, and font sizes. While integrating high-quality videos is important, make sure they play instantly. You can also add emojis if you are targeting Millennials or Gen Zers or pop culture references where relevant.

In short, add visual elements and tailor them according to the preferences of your target audience to get maximum engagement in email marketing. Observe the colors and visuals used by your competitors to get an idea of your target audience’s preferences.

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Encourage Referrals

The success of your startup depends on how your initial audience reacts to your brand. Referral schemes are an efficient way to engage and improve connections with existing customers while finding new ones. Referral programs allow brands to offer an attractive discount to audience members who spread the word.

Chances are, your existing customers have at least a few contacts who share an interest in the industry your brand operates. Customers are also likely to refer to the contacts they believe will take their opinion. This allows you to find potential leads for only a fraction of the cost while ensuring another purchase from the existing customer. With this tip, you gain a repeat customer even if the referral doesn’t result in a converted lead.

Ask for Feedback

One of the most useful email marketing tips for startups includes asking customers for feedback. They convey to the customers that the startups care about their experience and are eager to improve their products or service. The open-to-improvement attitude in a startup also helps it win customer trust.

Customer feedback and reviews can be especially helpful for startups with e-commerce platforms. Once a customer has purchased from the startup, a follow-up email asking for their experience can show genuine interest in the customer’s experience. Use the marketing email to take the client back to the website, where they can leave a quick review.

Reviews on e-commerce platforms from verified customers can help build trust with visitors and potential leads. Visiting the website after a satisfactory customer experience can encourage existing customers to make another purchase.


Design Campaigns

As a startup, your company has an increased need to build connections with its audience. Since it can be difficult to build a connection with an audience in one email, it can significantly help to divide what you have to say over several different emails.

The set of marketing emails resulting from the division can easily become a campaign. Email marketing campaigns work much better than stand-alone emails for numerous reasons. Firstly, they don’t clutter the email message; secondly, they show that the startup has a strategy and knows what it wants to convey; and, most importantly, they act as gentle reminders and reinforce the message.

Since audience members receive uncountable marketing messages daily, their brains have been trained to ignore whatever doesn’t interest them or nudge their curiosity. It is why consistent messages work better over time. They get picked up by the subconscious brain, intriguing the audience’s interest even if they don’t realize it at the moment. This interest becomes apparent to the audience when they need the product or service a brand offers.

Personalize Emails

We write about this a bit more in our beginner’s guide to increasing email revenue, but personalizing emails is one of the easiest executed email marketing tips for startups. Email marketing software allows businesses to include the receiver’s first or last name in the marketing email heading and body. Including the receiver’s name is a quick and efficient method to gain their attention instantly. According to one research, personalized content has greater appeal for over 90% of customers in the US.

Personalized content directly results in increased email open rates and audience attention. It also results in improved brand loyalty and higher sales.

Include a Call-to-Action

Call-to-action or CTA is an essential part of all forms of marketing. In email marketing, it can be used to assess and analyze the trust your customers have in your product or service.

As a startup, avoid utilizing call-to-action to invite leads to purchase something from you. Instead, build their interest in your brand through email marketing and add a call-to-action to invite them to know more about your company. Once the audience clicks on the CTA, you can offer them a tempting discount code or a free sample for landing on your website.

Marketing isn’t only about claiming your product or service is the best and asking customers to purchase from you. It’s about building a connection so the customer trusts that your company is there to serve them whenever they need it. Email marketing is used primarily to build and maintain that connection.


Analyze Email Marketing Campaigns

Running a startup requires quickly learning from mistakes and efficiently tweaking strategies in real-time to achieve the desired results. As a marketer utilizing email marketing, you must analyze your email marketing campaigns to measure their efficiency.

Analyzing email marketing campaigns will tell you your campaign’s email open, click-through, and conversion rate. It will also let you measure email deliverability, bounce rate, and unsubscribes. These metrics and benchmarks will allow you to measure the success of your email marketing campaign and identify the areas for improvement. You can utilize this knowledge to develop more successful ideas and refine your future campaigns in various aspects.

Various software and programs allow you to analyze email marketing campaigns. Google Analytics, MailChimp, OmniSend, and MailerLite are some of the best free tools that startups can utilize.

Last but not least, email marketing tips for startups also dictate prioritizing transactional emails. Transactional emails are only sent to potential and existing customers, including order confirmation, onboarding, signup, and order shipping emails. Some brands also send drip campaigns as transactional emails. Drip campaigns include cart abandonment emails or in-stock reminder emails of products customers viewed but didn’t buy.

Prioritize Transactional Emails

Transactional emails can create a significant positive impact on customers. Transactional emails can be a great starting point if you don’t know where to begin regarding email marketing. They are simple to design, their content is straightforward, and they cost next to nothing. They also yield a high email open rate, encouraging customers to continue to open emails from your startup once you finally launch an email marketing campaign.

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