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13 Ways to Build a Free Email List

Here are thirteen proven ways to create a killer free email list

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An email is still the most influential and strong relationship-building means for B2C marketers, especially after COVID-19. It is an ideal way to connect with your customers. An email gives an advanced click-through rate compared to any other communication medium. Companies have been benefiting from this for years and are connecting with customers through a solid email list they’ve built over time.

Email list building enables you to get higher-quality people to subscribe to your emails. There’s much you can do to build and grow your email list. Here are 13 ways to build a free email list.

Let’s review them!

However, there is this one rule that you must remember before getting into email list building:

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Never Buy An Email List

We cannot emphasize this enough, buying an email list is a big no! Even though it might seem like an easy and smart shortcut to get instant access to several emails, it should be avoided because it does more damage than good.

The email list quality is not near what you can get when you work for it and develop strategies to attract leads organically.

You must do this correctly if you wish your emails to stay out of the spam folder and make it to your customer’s inbox. How much a subscriber engages with your email plays a huge role in email deliverability, and this is one thing that a bought email list will not offer you.

When buying an email list, remember that you’re getting the same list of subscribers that others in the market have been emailing. So, you’re competing with them too, and the value it offers is not worth it. Also, remember that these people never opted for you to mail them.

Now moving on to the tactics you need to adopt to build a killer free email list:

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1. Opt-In Form

The majority of businesses underestimate the importance of opt-in forms for eCommerce stores. It is a standard on all eCommerce platforms to build an email list. It is the first and default way to collect email subscribers on your site. Need some inspiration? Here’s some good examples of opt-in forms you can use.


2. A Pop-Up Form

A pop-up form is one of the most effective ways to deliver lead magnets for lead generation. You can set them up at exclusive times or for definite events. It allows you to play around till you get the feedback you require. It will significantly boost the subscribers that opt to join your email list. These can be a bit annoying if done incorrectly. However, if you have something of value to offer with your form (i.e., offer or case study), you can anticipate a 3.09% average conversion rate. That’s a nice bump in free leads!

3. Incentives

You must never underestimate the power of incentives. If you wish for your visitors to subscribe to your email list in the blink of an eye, you have to give them something that will tempt them and make them click instantly. The most awaited incentives are exciting offers, huge discounts, special sales, or FREE shipping, making them join your list in a heartbeat.

4. Gamification

To build an email list, you have to get creative. You must develop ideas that will help you stand out – appeal to and engross your visitors by thinking out of the box. There are many ways by which you can do this. However, one of the most successful ways is to give them a sense of winning. And you can do this by adding a game from which they can win something valuable.

The prizes can be set according to what your brand/services are. They can also be discounts, free vouchers, etc. It is a win-win situation for both parties. It will help save them some money, and you will keep getting valuable email additions to your list.

5. A Targeted Landing Page

An effective way to build an email list is to get subscribers to your marketing and advertising campaigns. You can offer them a major sale or a free plus shipping deal. And instead of sending them to your homepage, you must direct them toward your landing page.

Your landing page will have only a few elements, and its main purpose is to get higher conversions by focusing on the product or service you’re selling. To avail of the service or get the product, they’ll have to subscribe to your email list. It will add to your list and increase your sales.


6. Influential Lead Magnets

People are generally uncertain about shopping online unless they know someone has had a good experience with a particular website or a lead magnet – an eBook, image, gift guide, or PDF will help build an email list. Visitors must sign up for your newsletter and email campaigns to access these.

7. Connect with a Partner

There’s no reason to go it alone when trying to build your list. Reach out to websites that are connecting to your audience, and ask if they would be interested in sharing out a post or link to your email newsletter sign-up page. You can do the same in exchange – win-win!

8. Giveaways

It is a great way to get attention and build your email list – you can utilize this option and advertise it on all social media platforms where your potential customers are, which will most likely be on Facebook and Instagram. These have been very successful for businesses. Keep the prize such that your customers would want it. In addition, you can also host your giveaway landing page on your site.

9. Referral Programs

It is key in building your email list – a referral program uses your current subscribers to get more email subscribers. With a referral program, you bring in your existing subscribers, friends, family, colleagues, etc., thereby growing your email list.

There are a few ways to go about this where you don’t have to bribe them:

  • With the help of the forward/ share with others option
  • Linking this option at the end of all your lead magnets

10. Add A CTA to All Your Bios

Instead of writing something about your brand, why not use the bio for a call to action that’ll help in building an email list? The best way to do this is to utilize your Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn bios. Spin the sentences and add in words like FREE to attract your customers.

You can also pin tweets on Twitter so that when someone visits your profile the first time, they can easily visit your website and know what you’re all about. For Instagram, you can create an attractive image and add a caption where it says the link in the bio and pin that for new visitors to see. You can also use this call to action for your Facebook page to encourage visitors to sign up for your mailing list. A subscribers-only group on Facebook is also a great way to grow your list. Lastly, Pinterest is also a great visual search engine that can get you subscribers. All you have to do is pin your image and add your call to action.


11. Use Your Blogs to Get Emails And Generate Leads

There is no better attraction than content. Lure in new customers by writing Google-friendly and helpful articles on your blog section to generate traffic. They should match your brand’s persona. Then you can set up a pop-up after thirty seconds of reading. Blog readers are much better leads than random visitors.

12. Sending Content Upgrades

Content upgrades are a form of lead magnet. These are offered to website visitors in exchange for their email addresses. It can be exclusive content such as personalized pieces of written content or special access to members-only sales along with guides and catalogs etc. Visitors will find such content useful and are more likely to subscribe to your email list.

13. The Last Chance to Avail Offer Trick

This trick email lets the customers know what they’re missing out on. It will entice them to engage with you through the given call-to-action, fearing losing out on a great deal or offer.

It is a follow-up to the previous email where you offered them incentives with the time limits. You can also mention that you’ll be unsubscribing them if they don’t respond to this email.

The Bottom Line?

The more tactics you adopt, the better your chances are of building a strong email list and making email the best channel. Once you get the hang of it, it will become easier to build a killer list that will help you grow and boost your sales. It isn’t just a list you’ll be building. It is a relationship with the people on your list. Now that you know the thirteen most effective ways to build a free email list, it’s time to use it for potential customers. You know what email to send, when, and how to lure customers into interacting with your brand. So, get started!

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