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How Much Can I Earn with Ezoic

Monetize Website with Ezoic

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Website monetization is a method for using the existing traffic on your site creatively to generate revenue by sending them to another particular website. We all must have seen the website ads we have to click on to get to another website. That is exactly how website monetization works. You have to implement PPC (Pay Per Click) and CPI (Cost Per Impression) advertising to generate revenue. PPC places the ads on a website in relevance with the most searched keywords, paying you for every click on the advertisements. Google AdSense also uses PPC to generate the highest revenues.

Ezoic is a unique way to monetize your website. It uses artificial intelligence in the toolbox of the publisher’s website. The cherry on top is that it provides complete control to the publishers by offering transparency in monetization. Scroll down to know more.

What Is Ezoic

Ezoic is a Google-certified publishing partner of multiple websites like JW Player, Cloudflare, Flippa, and Google Ad Manager. The following brands have put their trust in Ezoic as a publishing partner. Ezoic promises to be a corporation that feels responsible for global and local communities as they have put their trust in them.

Ezoic’s goal is to provide the websites with the most suitable visitors for their ads, making their monetization strategy much better than others.

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How Much Can I Earn with Ezoic?

Have you ever wondered how much Ezoic would pay you if your ad gets 1000 views? We cannot say for sure, but Ezoic pays you around $10 to $40 on average if your ad gets 1000 views. However, it depends on multiple other factors, such as the pages visited every session, bounce rate, time of the year, traffic location, ads displayed, and whether or not you have enrolled in the Ezoic Premium package through which you can earn the highest rates. The earnings you get per 1000 visitors are referred to as EPMV by Ezoic.

Factors Affecting Ezoic Earnings

Pages Visited Every Session

The average calculation of pages that are visited per session highly impacts the earnings that you get per 1000 visitors. To get the highest revenue, you should aim to increase the total number of views on the pages per visitor in each session. The website with 5 pages per session will earn more than that of 3 pages with Ezoic.

Bounce Rate

Even though the increase in the number of ads can be directly proportional to the RPM (Rate per Impression), it comes at a cost. If the ads get too much on a website, it can irritate the users, making them leave your website, and decreasing the RPM automatically. This increase in the number of people leaving your site is called bounce rate. Just like a large number of ads can increase the views on your site, it can also increase the bounce rate by up to 50%. Displaying the ads on your website can increase the revenue, but the excess can be the downfall of the same website.


Time of the Year

The website views also depend on the time of year the advertisement is displayed. For example, if you put up an ad for a hoodie, it will gain higher views in the winter and comparatively much fewer views in the summer. So the ads that you put on your website should be improvised according to the time of the year you are displaying them in. Matching your ad type with the right timing is essential to gain the highest revenue.

Paying Quarters

For every industry, Q1 and Q3 are the low-paying quarters, while Q2 and Q4 are considered the high-paying quarters. Q1 includes the months of January, February, and March, while Q3 consists of July, August, and September, all of these months being the low-paying ones. Q2, on the other hand, includes April, May, and June, while Q4 includes October, November, and December, all of them being the highest paying months generating all-time high revenue in the market.

Traffic Location

Publishers all around the world do not get the same amount of revenue even if they are displaying similar ads on their websites. Countries like Australia, the USA, and the UK pay the highest amount per view ranging up to $64 EPMV. At the same time, countries like India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh receive the lowest going up to $10 EPMV. Traffic locations matter the most when it comes to displaying ads. It will be a waste if you show your ads on a website with the lowest traffic. So, you need to find the best traffic locations for publishing your ads on the best websites.

Ads Displayed

The number of ads you display on a website affects the amount you will earn. A website displaying 5 ads to a user will earn more than the one showing only one ad for each user. To generate the highest revenues, you should display more ads, keeping in mind the impact of the bounce rate on the payment. Ads should be enough but not much that irritates the users, making them leave the website instantly.

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Website Niche

Considering the website niche before choosing one for your ads is essential to get the highest pay per 1000 views with the help of Ezoic. This depends upon the type of industry that we are choosing to display our ads for. If we select a firm like law and insurance ones, it will probably give higher CPC (cost-per-click) and CPM (cost-per-thousand views) as these are the websites visited by more authentic people. While websites like art and entertainment receive comparatively lower pay per click as these websites can also get irrelevant traffic.


Ezoic Premium Package

Ezoic has a package with a premium program that allows its users to access more higher-paying ads. The websites that have subscribed to their premium package can get the advertisements that deliver the highest cost per click, increasing their revenue to a greater level.

Increase Your Ezoic Earnings

1. Ezoic Mediation

If you enable Ezoic Mediation and link it with your AdSense account, it will make the two of them compete against each other in real-time. This will help generate the highest rates of all time.

2. Ezoic caching and LEAP

This one helps to increase the time of your page loading. Ezoic offers free use of caching only if you run their ads on your website.

3. Ezoic Plugin

It is excellent for generating ad placements for your website. The WordPress plug-in setting will add placeholders of your site in the best possible places. Their system will analyze the best possible placeholder for your site and will only recommend those.

4. Ezoic Premium

As discussed above, Ezoic Premium can give you access to websites with much higher engagements to display ads. Ezoic Premium can help you earn much more without any extra effort.

5. Enable Video Ads

Ezoic also provides a built-in video player that plays video ads on the website. It attracts more users giving much higher clicks to the product. The video should be placed at the end of the page because if it is in the middle, there is a higher chance that the visitors will minimize and cancel it rather than view the ad.


6. High-Income Countries’ Keywords

The best way to generate the highest revenue is by using keywords from countries with the highest income. Countries like Australia, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and New Zealand generate higher revenues. The advertisers in those countries send more to reach people resulting in higher EPMVs from these regions.

7. Ezoic Analytics

Ezoic website provides us with the analytics sections, which provides us with the articles bringing in most of the revenue. This will help you find out which pieces are more beneficial to create the same type of content even more.

8. Long Articles

The best technique for the placement of your ads is creating longer articles. This will make it easier for Ezoic to place multiple ads in your blog, serving the users in the best way possible. Longer articles do not mean that you will have to include more words. You can increase its length by including images, graphics, and videos. Breaking up your paragraphs is important as Ezoic will only place ads in the blocks.

9. Website Layout with a Sidebar

When you open a website on your desktop, the best type of ad that won’t interact with your surfing is a sidebar ad. It doesn’t mess up the bounce rate while completing its purpose to the fullest. If someone is interested in the ad, they can click on it while the others can ignore it and continue with their work. That is why you must select a layout that contains a sidebar while making a website.


Monetizing your work in today’s world is very important when everyone competes against each other in difficult times. Earning through the website alone is not enough. You need to add multiple advertisements to your website to generate more revenue.

If you want to place ads on your website, make more money with Ezoic! Ezoic taps into multiple ad networks while using machine learning to maximize your site’s earning potential. It’s free to join and there’s no traffic minimum requirement, too.

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