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6 Free Email Marketing Software for Startups

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Startups may have a great product, service, or website, but what if potential customers don’t see it? Any business in the inception stage needs to garner visibility, especially post COVID-19, and they need a relevant digital marketing strategy. With so many expensive online advertising platforms, crafting an affordable marketing strategy is an incumbent challenge for every startup.

With around 4.26 billion email users, with numbers expected to rise further, email marketing is the undisputed choice to reach a large customer base. Several email marketing benefits can prove very useful for startups with a limited budget. Email ads pan out to be affordable, targeted, and produce quick results. That’s more than what a startup needs to penetrate the market.

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6 Email Marketing Software for Free

Once you have decided to build your list and leverage the power of email marketing, you need to look for the best email marketing services that will mint the most effective results. This guide is dedicated to providing startups with a budget-friendly way to promote their business at this crucial stage.

Here are the top email marketing softwares (free) that will reach your target market without costing you an arm and a leg!

1. Mailchimp

What Does Mailchimp Offer?

Mailchimp is often touted as one of the best email marketing services, and for good reason. It allows you the privilege to introduce your business, product, or service to a whopping 2000 subscribers absolutely free of cost! This helps you create the awareness your business needs when it has only recently launched. On top of that, you also get access to 10,000 free emails, with a daily send of 2000 emails. These numbers are sufficient for a startup to gain visibility without spending anything.

If Mailchimp’s free plan suits your business needs, you can continue to use it for as long as you like. If you want to expand your reach as your business progresses, you can easily switch to unlimited emails for as little as $11 per month! There are other plans available to suit your needs and budget.

Why Mailchimp?

Mailchimp has a great, free-of-cost plan for startups looking to reach an audience. It also offers templates that you can personalize to suit your business’s branding. The platform is easy to use, which is why it wins our support. It also has excellent automation tools, A/B testing, and segmentation to improve the efficacy of your emails. It also helps you upgrade as you build a target market, and create a winning landing page.


2. Sendinblue

What Does Sendinblue Offer?

If you’re into digital marketing, you must have heard of Sendinblue, an intuitive email marketing platform for growing businesses. It provides instant access to unlimited subscribers, but you can only send out 300 emails daily as part of their free plan. While there is a daily limit, you can send out email blasts to different email subscribers every day to increase visibility as much as possible. However, you can upgrade to increase your limits using one of their paid plans.

As your business requirements grow, you can avail the Lite plan for 20,000 emails daily for $25. If you have many subscribers but don’t need to message them all at the same time, Sendinblue’s free email marketing plan is ideal for you. You can send a reasonable number of emails daily without spending a penny! It’s a great marketing platform used by several popular marketers.

 Why Sendinblue?

Sendinblue stands out mainly because of its amazing drag-and-drop editor tool. This powerful feature is ideal for startups looking to make an impact through their email messages. It even sends automated emails for incomplete actions like abandoned shopping carts. It is also worth exploring WordPress plugin and provides you with A/B testing to decipher how your business is performing. Its SMS marketing tool can be integrated into emails, increasing the scope of marketing.

3. Benchmark

What Does Benchmark Offer?

Benchmark is a popular email marketing service that effectively attracts new customers. As this is crucial for startups, Benchmark will prove to be the perfect choice for you. They have a free email marketing tool that is easy to use. You can subscribe and unsubscribe any time you want without any hassle! Benchmark’s free plan provides you access to unlimited subscribers with 3500 free emails per month. You can upgrade to unlimited emails with 600 subscribers for just $13 per month.

Their free plan also includes a range of other features, including basic email marketing, lead generation, marketing automation, dedicated IP, and more. This email marketing service has arguably the best free plan out there, which is why startups must avail this lucrative offer to earn their business the initial visibility it needs. It suits startups mainly due to its price point.

Why Benchmark?

Benchmark is the ideal platform for extensive email advertising. You’ll get access to more than 400 templates that you can use to draft newsletters, custom messages, and anything your business needs to attract, engage and re-engage customers. They provide you feedback in the form of campaign reports so you can monitor your performance and develop contingencies if need be. With excellent email deliverability and A/B testing, Benchmark is perfect for startups and established businesses.


4. Omnisend

What Does Omnisend Offer?

Omnisend is the ideal email marketing platform for ecommerce startups. Therefore, it is more suited to startups with just online stores. This doesn’t mean you can’t use it otherwise, as it offers an array of amazing offers and email marketing tools to businesses looking to expand their target market. But if you have an ecommerce store, Omnisend will send fun emails with opt-in forms to create product awareness and simultaneously build your email list for future email marketing.

Omnisend offers startups a free marketing plan that includes 500 emails monthly to 250 subscribers. You can increase your limit by upgrading to a paid plan. Get access to 500 subscribers with 6000 emails for just $16! This website boasts a great free plan, and shifting to paid plans isn’t all that expensive either.

Why Omnisend?

Omnisend’s free plan includes a host of features like A/B testing, professional email templates, performance reports, and much more. Omnisend is ideal for online stores as it automatically pulls products you want to sell and incorporates them into emails. They have appealing sign-up forms that catch the audience’s attention, like a wheel of fortune game and creative pop-ups. They also offer automated emails for incomplete actions like an abandoned cart or order confirmation so that the customer reaches the end of the sales funnel. On top of that, Omnisend has mobile-friendly templates to attract and retain your smartphone using audience.

5. Sender

What Does Sender Offer?

Sender is one of the highly regarded email marketing software that has a free plan worth exploring. Its free plan offers you access to a whopping 2500 subscribers, with a monthly cap of 15,000 emails. You can upgrade to paid plans, but most startups feel they can continue using this free plan, owing to its very generous limits. If needed, you can move on to 5000 subscribers for 60,000 emails per month for just $10 monthly.

While there are many advocates of Sender due to the many great email marketing tools it offers, it remains our favorite due to its affordability. Startups can leverage near unlimited access to users and emails while spending little to no money at all. Sender’s free plan also includes useful features like email automation, Google analytics, and SPAM check.

Why Sender?

Sender is a great option for businesses with limited marketing budgets. Sender’s email marketing plan is ideal for ecommerce businesses. You can simply copy and paste products into emails and effectively market them. It also provides suggestions on optimizing your subject line for maximum efficacy. Moreover, videos convert to animated GIFs in email messages, and this innovative feature helps engage audiences.

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6. Drip

What Does Drip Offer?

Drip is an email marketing software free for a set number of days with certain limits. You can avail an unrestricted 14-day free trial and interact with 100 subscribers, and then decide if this service is worth continuing. After that, you will pay for the number of email subscribers that you have. After your free trial ends, you will get between 1 and 2500 email contacts, email support, and unlimited emails for $39 per month.

Drip offers powerful features that market your product or service over a range of channels. Drip is used and trusted by over 6000 brands, which is enough testament to its successful email marketing campaigns.

Why Drip?

Drip is ideal for startups as it is easy to use and provides personalized segmentation based on consumer behavior. This helps create brand loyalty from an early stage. It also provides you with in-app insights to monitor your performance and make changes as required. Leverage the power of one-click integrations to market any ecommerce business.

Final Word

If you’re a startup planning your digital marketing strategy, this guide will tell you where and how to start. These top 6 email marketing software (free) will allow you to create brand awareness and reach your true potential. These email marketing services ensure you don’t miss out on reaching great heights due to limited funds. If you want to perform even better, check out our email marketing tips for startups.

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