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The Importance of Email Marketing Post Covid-19

Why Email Marketing is Important

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With social media marketing becoming more important by the day, many marketers have begun ignoring email marketing. However, email marketing has always been and continues to be one of the most important aspects of digital marketing.

Email marketing is a long-term marketing strategy. It can bring significant results with consistency and patience for a small cost. With people spending majority of their time on social media during the pandemic, post covid-19 marketing techniques must be digital but with a personal touch.

Let’s take a detailed look at the various aspects of the importance of email marketing:

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It Grabs Consumer Attention

Social media platforms bombard their users with hundreds of sponsored ads every day. But email doesn’t work that way. Most consumers receive none or only two to three sponsored emails a day. Hence, sponsored email marketing has far greater chances of grabbing consumer attention than social media posts.

The difference in consumer approach to social media and email also makes a significant difference. Users scroll through social media without paying much attention. The density of the information available on social media can be overly stimulating to consumers and doesn’t allow social media marketing posts to cast as strong an impact as intended. On the other hand, consumers are more attentive and focused when checking their emails. Emails are the primary internet ID. When reviewing their emails, consumers hope to hear back about a job application, track a package, or get updates on their account information. Their focus makes consumers go through marketing emails more carefully, allowing these emails to have a more significant impact on the consumers.

It Has Greater Reach

One of the aspects that significantly increases the importance of email marketing is that it allows businesses to improve their reach. While consumers spend more time on social media than in their inboxes, there are more email users than social media users. 

According to a 2020 survey, there are over four billion email users worldwide. Emails are essential for internet users to sign up on any social media. Though not all social media users use all social media apps, each one of them has an email account. Thus, email marketing has become the aspect of digital marketing with the broadest reach.

It is More Targeted in its Approach

Sponsored email marketing makes up only a tiny percentage of the digital marketing method. Most email marketing is targeted toward individuals already interested in the brand. Consumers sign up for email marketing either when completing a purchase with the brand or when looking to keep an eye on the discount offers. Since email marketing is usually directed towards existing or potential consumers, so it becomes more effective and targeted.

It Provides Greater Control to Consumers

Signing up for email marketing is a conscious choice by the consumers. The active decision-making by the consumers or interested audience significantly increases the importance of email marketing.

Consumers can often find various marketing methods annoying. For example, telemarketing is one of the least liked marketing methods by consumers. Telemarking approaches the consumers out of the blue when they aren’t expecting or looking forward to it. Similarly, the frequency of sponsored posts on social media marketing can also annoy the target audience.


But email marketing has little to no chance of pushing audiences away. If the audiences are not interested at any given time, they can delete the email or unsubscribe from it. Email marketing is the least forced digital marketing method, making it an excellent opportunity to convert leads in the long term.

Moreover, marketing emails are subtle because they only target the audience with a sentence. The lack of visuals and sounds keeps from stimulating the audience’s minds and allows them to read the headline with greater attention. Even if an audience member isn’t interested at a time, reading the marketing email headline with focus lets them know about the brand’s offer. 

It Targets All Age Groups

Brands must work harder on their social media strategies as each platform is popular among different age groups. For example, TikTok is more prevalent among Gen Zers, Instagram among Millennials, and Facebook among Boomers. However, each social media user has at least one email.

A larger target audience for email marketing decreases its cost and allows brands to reach more consumers with the same content.

It is Mobile

Similar to social media platforms, email apps are top-rated on smartphones. One email statistics survey concluded that over 85% of email users open their email inboxes on their smartphones. These statistics emphasize the importance of email marketing as a digital marketing tool. The number of smartphone email users being close to the number of social media users on a smartphone makes email marketing as important as social media marketing.

It Builds and Maintains Connection

Email marketing requires execution at a slow yet consistent pace. Unlike the fast-paced methods of other digital media marketing formats, the slow approach works toward building a connection with the targeted audience and existing consumers.

The several other aspects of the importance of email marketing explained above also add up to make the audiences feel in command of this connection. Since the audience is aware of the option to simply unsubscribe if they never want to hear from the brand, not following through with the option shows audiences’ willingness to build the connection. Even if the audience isn’t opening the marketing emails, continuing to receive them can be considered their long-term interest in the brand.

It is Customizable

Personalized marketing emails are easy to craft. Brands are not restricted to sending the same email to every consumer. They can easily categorize the audience’s emails according to their interests. The interests can be analyzed by tracking an audience member’s navigation through the brand’s website and their earlier purchases. 

Personalized marketing emails are more impactful. They allow brands to target audiences with the products and services they have shopped for or shown interest in the past. Hence, discounts on the same products or new launches in the product category have more chances of grabbing the audience’s attention than random products.

Personalized marketing emails also build a strong connection and enhance audiences’ trust. In this advanced technological era, consumers fully know their activities and interests are tracked. In 2022, the audience almost expects companies to utilize the technology to learn more about them and make their lives easier. Audiences have gotten used to finding what they think right in front of their eyes. Hence, it has become vital for brands to invest in learning as much as they can about their consumers and deliver the service consumers expect.


It is Measurable

The importance of email marketing is significantly contributed by its ability to be measured. Email marketing services used by brands provide accurate numbers and percentages for each email sent out.

The numbers and percentages include how many audiences opened or didn’t open the marketing email. They include how many emails bounced and how many were clicked without leading the audience members to the brand’s website. The numbers and percentages also include how many marketing email receivers complained about the email or unsubscribed from the service.

The detailed email marketing analytics allow brands to build a more powerful email marketing strategy and grab the audience’s attention in the most effective ways. 

If you want to improve how you are measuring your results, check out our deep-dive into the latest email benchmarks.

It Builds Credibility

Companies that invest in understanding their consumers better have greater chances of earning their consumers’ trust. Email marketing allows brands just that. Tracking consumer navigation on the website and categorizing consumers according to their past purchases are excellent methods of understanding consumers. Furthermore, following the audiences’ response to marketing emails also allows brands to understand what works or doesn’t work for different audience groups.

The information received through audience analyses allows brands to refine their email marketing strategies and targeted audiences more precisely and efficiently.

It Encourages Action

Unlike social media marketing which is about occupying the maximum space for a pre-determined duration, email marketing is slow, low in frequency, focusing on building and maintaining the connection. Hence, marketing emails are composed more carefully, focusing on the best bits a brand can communicate to its customers.

The carefully crafted headlines for marketing emails with a call to action stand out among the other emails with simple update-like headings. Due to the word limitation, marketing email calls to action include phrases like see more, book now, contact us, learn more, etc. Without overwhelming visuals and sounds, these phrases encourage activity among the audience.

Upon opening the marketing emails, audiences may find deals, discounts, information on new products and services, or an interesting blog. Since each marketing email is focused only on one thing, consumers’ focus is maintained, and their trust in the brand is strengthened.



Perhaps the most important of the many benefits of email marketing is how cheap it can be. With the tough competition in digital marketing, an inexpensive yet effective method that produces measurable results can quickly gain importance. Email marketing doesn’t require buying space. The cost is further reduced due to low frequency. 

After the organic search, marketing emails are the most sought-out way for consumers to discover new products as it is easier for consumers to trust new products from a tried and tested brand.

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