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Jasper AI vs. Rytr AI – What Are the Differences?

Jasper AI vs. Copy AI - What Are the Differences?

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With AI-driven content creation becoming more popular among businesses, more AI writing tools are being introduced. These tools automatically allow brands to create emails, social media posts, blogs, eBooks, and other content types within seconds. This enables them to save time, reduce labor, increase production, and improve content quality all at once.

In this post, we’ll focus on two AI writing tools – Jasper and Rytr. We’ll also share a detailed Jasper vs. Rytr comparison to help prospectus users choose the best option for their use case, budget, and preferences.

So, let’s get right into it!

Why Are Businesses Adopting AI Writing Tools?

Modern businesses are always looking for ways to boost visibility, especially in the digital-first economy, where we consume and share more digital content than ever. Leveraging writing tools powered by artificial intelligence is a smart way to simplify and automate content creation.

AI writing tools, such as   Jasper, Rytr, Copy AI, and so many others, make it possible for businesses of any size operating in any industry or niche to generate human-like content at scale for different use cases. These tools aren’t perfect. However, they’re getting better with each update. More importantly, their job now isn’t to replace human writers.

Instead, it’s to help marketers, SEO professionals, and other content creators in different organizations save time by letting AI writing tools do all the heavy lifting.

From there, they can edit and refine the content according to their requirement and create more email copy, blog posts, ads, articles, etc. than before.


About Jasper is an advanced copywriting software designed to help users generate plagiarism-free content of any kind automatically. It is powered by a powerful GPT-3 AI natural language processing engine that searches hundreds of thousands of pages on the internet to produce keyword-based content within seconds.

The AI copywriting tool can write:

  • Articles
  • Blog Posts
  • Email Copy
  • Ad Copy
  • eBooks and Novels, etc.

Businesses can also use them for other purposes, including SEO and reputation management. For instance, they can create answers for Quora or create LinkedIn and other third-party profiles. Since 2021, it has gained immense popularity among businesses looking to accelerate content production and transform their current development infrastructure and team.

About Rytr is another popular AI content writing tool designed to help users create optimized content based on their input within minutes. This includes:

  • Articles
  • Product Descriptions
  • AD Copy
  • YouTube Scripts
  • Blogs, etc.

However, this tool differs from most AI copywriting tools on the market. Unlike Jasper (formerly Jarvis), you don’t need to write a draft first and edit it later. With Rytr, you can save time by writing directly into your site or blog using its extension.

It boasts many features that make it an excellent tool for businesses new to AI content creation. They can quickly adapt to it and improve their productivity. For instance, they can quickly identify and fix sentence errors without needing a human writer and take on the content creation responsibility themselves.

Rytr runs on the same GPT-3 engine as Jasper. However, it is relatively newer and different from Jasper in many ways. For instance, it’s designed to make writers better and improve their editing skills, not replace them in their roles. It offers multiple suggestions during the creation process, which you can choose from.

Plus, unlike Jasper, Rytr comes with a human editing team that reviews every piece of content generated before publishing, giving businesses with little writing experience another reason to opt for it.

Which AI Copywriting Tool is Better for Businesses – Jasper or Rytr?

Choosing which tool is better depends on your use case, budget, preferences, and several other factors. However, in the end, it’s all about which tool you like more. Below is a simple Jasper vs. Rytr comparison highlighting the key differences. With this information, you can make a more informed decision about which tool better fits your business and team.


1. Pricing

Pricing is among the biggest factors businesses consider when opting for any tool or solution. This goes especially for startups and small businesses with a modest budget. Rytr offers a free plan with 5000 characters (714-1250 words) per month which you can use for over 30 use cases and create content in 30+ languages. It also features a free plagiarism checker, a bonus for businesses.

Users can opt for either Rytrs Saver or Unlimited plan for $9/mo or $29/mo, respectfully. The saver plan offers the same benefits as the free plan but allows users to create over 50,000 characters worth of content.

Moreover, writers can create custom use cases as well. Similarly, the Unlimited Plan offers unlimited characters, priority chat & email support, and a dedicated account manager as additional value offerings from the cheaper plan. The paid versions enable integration with SEMrush’s free plan for basic keyword research and recommendations.

In contrast, Jasper offers a free five-day trial with 10,000 words credited to new accounts. This trial allows businesses to test the software and see how everything works. The paid versions start at $29/mo for the Starter Plan, which offers 20,000 words for writing short copies.

Similarly, the Boss Mode starts at $59 per month for 50,000 words and includes several features, such as integration with Surfer SEO and Grammarly. It also includes an advanced plagiarism checker.

2. Use Case

Unlike Rytr, Jasper doubles as an SEO writing tool. Apart from allowing users to produce long-form content, it integrates with Surfer SEO to enable content optimization, providing real-time feedback and reports, keyword suggestions, and improvement strategies.

However, this feature is only available on the Boss Mode, so they’ll have to pay a minimum of $30/mo more than they’d pay for Rytr’s most expensive plan. Jasper also features voice dication, which makes the briefing process more convenient and seamless.

Rytr lacks both SEO optimization and voice dictation features. Moreover, even though it allows long-form content creation, the number of words or characters per content is limited. In contrast, you can also use Jasper to create novels and eBooks. Therefore, in terms of versatility, Jasper takes the cake.

3. Languages Supported

Rytr allows businesses to generate AI content in over 30 languages, making it easier for businesses to target readers, users, or buyers from different parts of the world. In contrast, Jasper allows users to generate input briefs in 24 languages and generate content in 26. More importantly, its AI engine can convert texts into different languages.

For instance, if you input in German or Spanish, Jasper can convert it to Arabic, English, or any other language on the list automatically. However, deciding which tool wins, in this case, depends on you. Do you prefer more languages, or would you rather have the automatic translation feature?

4. Customer Support

This is one department where Rytr takes the cake. It provides human editors for users in the Unlimited Plan to assist them in checking their work before publishing. It also provides 24/7 chat support and an email-based ticketing system to help resolve queries quickly and effectively.

In contrast, Jasper’s customer service is far more diverse. For instance, it has an active Facebook group with over 50,000 users, where the team answers queries via Messenger. On the website, you can find different video tutorials for self-learning.

However, it doesn’t offer real-time support. You have to wait eight hours to get assistance. From a business perspective, this is a major drawback, especially for companies and teams just starting with AI content creation or facing issues disrupting their workflow.


5. Templates

Both Jasper and Rytr feature templates to help users accelerate content creation further. Popular examples include reports, product descriptions, business plans, emails, and Google/Facebook Ad copy. However, when it comes to the numbers game, Jasper wins. It features 50 templates compared to the 30 offered by Rytr.

Moreover, Jasper includes multiple keyword and audience customization fields, making them more sophisticated and desirable. Users can enjoy longer text input fields (800 characters) for better briefing by opting for the Boss Mode.

In a recent update, Jasper also launched a TikTok caption template to help users generate subtitles within seconds.

Jasper vs. Rytr – Bottom Line

So, there you have it – A quick comparison of Jasper and Rytr. With this information, businesses from every industry and niche can determine which of the two powerful AI copywriting tools offers more value.

Rytr is much cheaper, making it an excellent choice for beginners looking to get started with AI content creation. Similarly, Jasper is more powerful and feature-packed, making it a much better option for businesses seeking to generate bulk SEO-optimized content.

Our favorite happens to be Jasper AI. If you are interested in learning more about Jasper AI, check their page for the demo and a free trial. I use the product, and it’s very cool.

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