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Jasper vs. ContentBot: What Works Best?

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AI writing tools are rapidly gaining popularity among multiple businesses and industries due to their fast and easy content generation. Many content marketers and brands have integrated AI writing software into their content production.

Some of the top AI writing tools include Jasper AI and ContentBox. Both these tools make it easy to create content that meets the needs and requirements of the business. These tools utilize the GPT-3 technology by Open AI to produce human-like content.

But which one is right for you? Let’s find out.

Jasper is an affordable AI writing assistant used by top companies like Google and AirBnB to write original, creative content. If you want to write faster and better, tap here to learn more about Jasper (free trial available!).

Jasper AI

Jasper, rebranded from Jarvis, is one of the leading AI writing assistants that help multiple businesses, bloggers, and content creators produce content. It offers multiple features and options to help anyone create high-quality content.

The Boss Mode includes more features and SEO integration to help you rank higher. You can also create long-form content, as well as social media posts, ad copies, and so much more using Jasper.

It is being used by more than 30,000 businesses and marketers, including HarperCollins, Airbnb, IBM, AutoDesk, and Google.


ContentBot is an excellent AI writing assistant that helps generate good quality content at affordable rates and can be used by any content creator. It uses the natural language system of GPT-3 to create human-like content for articles, blogs, social media posts, video descriptions, and more.

It is a great tool to help you produce a higher amount of content that ranks higher and boosts conversions. ContentBot is used by more than 15,000 businesses and marketers to assist with content creation, including Penguin Random House, Streamlabs, and Jobcase.

It is also the only AI writing assistant currently offering discounted rates for nonprofit organizations.

Jasper and ContentBot Comparison

To determine which AI writing tool is the right option for you, it is essential to look at the multiple features offered by both. Here is a look at the main features offered by Jasper and ContentBot:

Content Generation

One of the most exciting features offered by Jasper is “recipes.” These are AI-generated templates that can instantly be used to produce the right content easily and quickly. There is a range of recipes available for different content types, including:

  • Blog posts
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Ads
  • Headlines
  • Outlines
  • Press releases
  • Product descriptions

Another great thing about Jasper content generation is that these recipes can also be customized to meet your preferences and needs. This allows you to create formulas and templates for certain types of content that you can instantly use to save more time and effort. It also includes a plagiarism checker, but you need to make an additional payment for it.


ContentBot helps in generating different types of content based on your description and topic. It helps you in cutting hours and effort from the content writing process and generates content with just a few clicks. ContentBot content offers a range of content generation options, including:

  • Introduction of blogs – Highly convenient solution if you are struggling to write an attention-grabbing intro to your post
  • Outline tool – Helps in instantly generating ideas for topics and their headings to form a proper structure of the blog or article
  • Originality – ContentBox creates original content to ensure you can easily use the output without worrying about duplication. It ensures you create good quality content and avoid any copyright or plagiarism issues. ContentBox also includes a plagiarism checker without additional charges to help you check the originality
  • Unique content score – It provides a uniqueness and originality score to ensure that the content generated is authentic and high-quality. This comes in handy when producing long-form content.

Both AI writers offer a range of options for quicker and easier content generation.


Another great feature of AI writing tools is the ability to create content in multiple languages. Jasper offers Multi-language support for more than 25 languages, including English, Japanese, Italian, German, Spanish, and French. This feature makes Jasper an ideal tool for individuals and businesses targeting a global audience. It also helps translate a range of different languages.

ContentBot is also a multilingual tool offering support to more than 110 languages, making it a stronger language tool than Jasper. Mover, ContentBot also includes three translation services – DeepL, Watson, and Google Translate. You can easily translate your content to reach a larger audience. You can also add in the input and output languages, and ContentBot can produce content in the specified language.



Jasper offers more than 50 templates that can instantly be used to produce different types of content, including emails, product descriptions, video descriptions, and Facebook headlines. The templates can also be used for long-form content production but only in the Boss Mode.

ContentBot offers over 32 templates that further provide unique features, like pitch yourself, that create a sales pitch for a product, and a slogan generator to create slogans and mottos for your brand.

SEO Integration

Jasper offers SEO integration with Surfer SEO, which is an AI-powered tool that optimizes content for better search engine ranking. The Surfer SEO integration is available in the Boss Mode of Jasper AI with a $1 additional payment and can allow you to produce content that ranks higher and boosts conversions and traffic.

  • Jasper also provides other great SEO features that you can use, including:
  • SEO score to compare your content with your competitor’s content
  • Keyword suggestions and research
  • Content editor through which you can add images, links, videos, and more

ContentBot offers SEO integration with SEMrush, which is another leading SEO tool to help produce SEO-friendly content. The best thing about this is that this integration is included in the plan and doesn’t require additional payment. ContentBot also offers a range of other SEO tools to help you rank higher on the search engines.

Plugins and Extensions

ContentBot offers a WordPress plugin that can allow you to generate content directly on WordPress. However, this plugin doesn’t include long-form content generation. This writing tool also offers a chrome extension that is more powerful than its WordPress plugin, allowing you to create outlines, intros, ad copy, topic ideas, and even long-form content.

Unfortunately, Jasper doesn’t offer WordPress plugins and Chrome extensions.

Pricing Plans

Jasper offers two main pricing plans – Starter Mode and Boss mode. It also provides a five-day free trial with a 10,000 word limit. The starter mode starts at $29/month and includes basic options like a brief builder, keyword research, topics, and a headlines generator.

The Boss Mode starts at $99/month and includes everything in the starter mode, along with advanced keyword search, enhanced commands, content calendar, copywriting templates, and more. This mode has a few more pricing options based on the word count limit you require.

ContentBot offers four pricing plans – Prepaid Plan, Starter Plan, Premium Plan, and Premium Plus Plan. The Prepaid Plan allows you to pay as you go, starting with $0.5 per 1000 words, and include 15K to 5m words, unlimited seats, a long-form assistant, and a paraphrasing tool. The Started Plan starts at $29/month and includes 40,000 words per month, 30+ AI skills, and a paraphrasing tool.

The Premium plan starts at $59/month, including 100,000 words per month, Unlimited seats, long-form assistant, priority support, 30+ AI skills, automation, plagiarism checker, SEO tools, and paraphrasing tool. The Premium Plus Plan starts at $99/month, which includes 300,000 words per month and all the features available in the Premium Plan.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Jasper and ContentBot

Both AI writing tools have their own benefits and drawbacks. Let’s have a look:



  • The leading GPT-5 technology integrated AI writing tool in the market
  • Boss mode offers a range of content generation options
  • A high number of templates are available
  • Surfer SEO integration in Boss Mode
  • Great for long-form and short-form content


  • Costlier than other AI tools
  • Content requires fact-checking as it produces inaccurate facts
  • No WordPress plugin and Chrome extension
  • Plagiarism and SEO integration requires additional payment



  • Simple and easy-to-use interface
  • Rewriter, tone changer, and other tools enhance the content
  • Faster landing page creation
  • In-build plagiarism checker
  • WordPress and chrome extension
  • Live chat support
  • More SEO options


  • It is continuously under development
  • Long-form content needs more improvements
  • Lack of tutorial videos and resources
  • Sometimes take longer to generate content

Wrapping Up: Jasper AI vs. ContentBot

Jasper and ContentBot are excellent options for content generation. Both offer extensive features and tools to help you create more content faster. They offer multiple language options, long and short-form content generation, and outstanding customer support.

The best tool is the one that meets your goals and needs. ContentBot is an excellent option if you are a small business, blogger, or content creator looking to produce good content on a budget. Jasper is a good choice if you want high-quality long-form blogs with a bigger budget.

No matter which AI writer you select, the generated content will require proofreading and editing before publishing. However, you will still be able to produce a large amount of content in a much shorter time.

Our favorite happens to be Jasper AI. If you are interested in learning more about Jasper AI, check their page for the demo and a free trial. I use the product, and it’s very cool.

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