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All You Need to Know About AWeber

AWeber – All you Need to Know About this Email Marketing Software

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Email marketing is probably the oldest digital marketing tool that is still around and continues to grow. Of course, it has undergone several changes during this time. However, most changed it for the better, several incorporating the latest technological developments into their feature set. AWeber has been around long enough to see and experience this evolution as an email marketing tool.

That’s right! AWeber started operations in the previous century, 1998, to be exact. Hence, the company has had the opportunity to grow and develop alongside a rapidly changing technological environment and succeeded in remaining a leading brand in the market.

This blog will provide a comprehensive description of this software and its features before mentioning the core benefits of using it.

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What is AWeber?

AWeber is an email marketing software that has been around for several decades. It is a leading solution in the market and has established a loyal customer base. The team’s innovative mindset and responsiveness to new trends are core reasons for this success.

Instead of jumping on bandwagons, the leadership and teams took the time to understand trends and innovations. The clarity and knowledge allowed them to introduce well-balanced features, ensuring the core software remained user-friendly.

AWeber Price

AWeber is famous for its features, but its price is also critical. The software has two primary plans for its users:

  1. Free
  2. Pro

The Free version is for customers with a database of up to 500 recipients. You can access most but not all AWeber features for this, and it will give you the necessary tools to establish a footing. However, the free plan has a 500 subscriber limit, after which you’ll need to opt for the paid plan to continue using the service.

The Pro plan allows users access to all features and services for a price. The payment requirement is standard, but what sets them apart is their multiple payment divisions, allowing clients to keep things affordable.

S. No.Number of SubscribersPrice
10-500 (all features)$19.99
2501 – 2,500$29.99
32,501 – 5000$49.99
45,001 – 10,000$69.99
510,001 – 25,000$149.99
This is accurate up to Aug. 28, 2022. Here’s a link to the website for latest info.

AWeber price options allow clients ample flexibility and choose a plan that best suits their affordability and business size. This cauterization is a primary reason why AWeber is considered more affordable than competitors like GetResponse, iContact, and Mailchimp.

Key Software Features

Pricing is one of the first things you’ll likely look at when making a decision, so we already know AWeber will pass your first round of evaluation. However, features will determine how much room you get to optimize your email marketing, and that’s where the decision-making lies.

Following is a list of AWeber’s top features that receive the most praise:

1. User-Friendly Dashboard

Firstly, AWeber has a neat and user-friendly dashboard which helps make operations more convenient. It has relevant shortcuts, tabs, access buttons, etc. it makes controlling and processes more efficient and allows several personalization options.

Hence, you will have a good experience while using it and will be able to get tasks done with a few clicks. It will save you time and energy.


2. Mailing List Options

Mailing lists are standard for all email marketing software, so this is an expected feature. Your plan will dictate the total number of subscribers, but how you organize their details is up to you. The software has one of the best data storage systems, so you won’t have to worry about disorganization.

AWeber also allows users to import and host mailing lists, simplifying the migration process. It is convenient and efficient.

3. Audience Segmentation

AWeber offers extensive options for audience segmentation, which can be a tremendous support when creating email campaigns. Your audience base can likely be divided into 3-4 groups depending on their psychographics, and doing so will allow you to make more relevant email content.

AWeber understands this need and provides the option to segment your audience and set up different communication chains for them. It is also reliable software, so you can rest assured that everyone will receive their emails on time.

4. Email Templates

Thinking up a new email design can take the time and energy you need to devote to your core business. Thankfully, AWeber has several email design templates that clients can use to create visually appealing emails for their consumers.

You can replace the design with your preferred graphics, change content, and choose relevant images. However, you will have a reference for organizing them, which will be incredibly helpful.

5. Newsletter Templates

Newsletter design support and templates are a core reason for AWeber’s popularity. It allowed users to develop HTML-based newsletters and send them to their audience. It also provides attractive templates to help clients design engaging, optimal, and compelling content.

Newsletters are the preferred content type for some subscribers, making AWeber the suitable choice due to its facilitation and support. Additionally, other software does offer such features for newsletters, but several are significantly more expensive, pushing them out of the affordable range for most SME businesses.


6. Autoresponder Option

Do you have a standard system for welcoming new subscribers or first-time buyers to your business? It is a best practice to engage with your customers upon early interactions to establish a positive image and recall. So, if you don’t have the SOP, it is time to make one.

Remembering to send welcome and discount emails to new members can be understandably challenging, especially if your business is undergoing a growth spurt. But that’s where AWeber comes in. The software allows you to automate newsletter or email generation and sending in response to specific actions or schedules.

For example, you can set the rule for the system to send an email to a new client or subscriber welcoming them. You can also arrange a setting such that new subscribers receive a discount offer or code 7-10 days after joining to encourage them to buy.

These are two examples, but you can also think of more instances and set rules accordingly. Note that autoresponder is only available for Pro users, so you’ll need to buy a payment plan to use it.

7. Other Marketing Automation

Autoresponder is only one of the automation options you will have with AWeber. The software provides several marketing activities, like campaigns, sales, product launches, etc. You can also use the automation feature for your loyalty program, sending premium offers o customers after they each achieve specific spending goals.

Overall, this feature is incredibly convenient and removes a significant portion of your burden.  

8. Standard E-Commerce Integration

You will get standard e-commerce integration in AWeber, which means you can integrate links according to buyer purchase habits. It will allow you to remarket products they may have opened but not purchased or offer items similar to their earlier buys.

It is an excellent way to connect two digital platforms and will help you integrate your services.

9. Landing Page Development Support

There is no question that AWeber provides some of the best support despite the affordable pricing policies. One of its features includes landing page development support, allowing you to use its recommendations and templates to design an attractive and user-optimized page.

AWeber has been working on digital marketing for several decades, and this feature incorporates all the marketing knowledge. They know what works and doesn’t and will help you organize content, graphics, images, and links to get the best results.

10. Marketing Analytics and Reporting

The software has a sophisticated data storage and analysis system, allowing it to provide detailed and insightful campaign reports. It can highlight how effective your campaign was, compare actual results to expected, and mention areas of improvement.

Hence, you’ll consistently learn while you use the software and become more successful at designing effective campaigns.


11. Split Testing

Split testing or A/B testing is a way to test theories or strategies to see which would perform better. AWeber facilitates this testing exercise by providing random samples from your subscribers and testing your plans to see which gave better results.

The process is systematic and well-managed, so you won’t have to worry about experimentation errors.

12. Responsive Email Designs

Lastly, AWeber’s templates and designs are all responsive and automatically resize and reshape depending on device dimensions. It will ensure your email content doesn’t get distorted. This feature is vital because nonresponsive templates often destroy the look and feel of communication because they cannot match the device’s dimensions.

To Note

The one aspect you’ll need to remember is AWeber’s response to people unsubscribing. The software will charge you extra for maintaining customer details after they have given up on their subscription. So, you can delete their details or pay the additional amount.

Wrapping Up

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog detailing AWeber’s price structure and features. It’s one of the reasons why it’s one of our top vendors for solo ads. If you are looking for a email marketing software, here are additional resources which may help:

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