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Writing Content for SEO: Finding the Right AI Writer

Content Written on a Laptop

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Today’s world is rapidly evolving with the emergence of new innovative technology. One of the major innovations that are revolutionizing the world is Artificial Intelligence. Many businesses and industries are opting for automation of processes to improve their overall operations.

AI has already changed multiple industries, including transportation, medicine, retail, manufacturing, and finance. Now, it is entering the world of SEO content marketing. The latest innovation has resulted in AI writing tools that have made the writing process easier, faster, and affordable for many businesses.

AI writers allow human writers to create better SEO content quicker to meet the demand of high-quality content being published every day. However, when it comes to selecting the AI writer, many content marketers get confused. There are multiple factors you can consider when choosing an AI writer, and use them to your advantage.

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Why Use an AI Writing Tool? 

Artificial Intelligence allows computers to perform multiple tasks that need human intelligence, like identifying objects in images and understanding natural languages. While there are several AI tools available, the most common ones used for business writing are computer vision, natural language processing, and machine learning.

Computer vision allows computers to identify objects in digital images, natural language processes enable computers to understand and reply to human languages, and machine learning allows computers to self-learn by changing their algorithms to the input.

With content marketing on the rise for the past decade, millions of articles, blogs, and other SEO content are published daily. The demand keeps increasing with customers looking for high-quality and valuable content. It has become challenging for individuals to produce high volumes of content every day.

Therefore, many businesses are turning to AI to save effort and time while also meeting the growing demand for well-search content. Using AI writing tools, employees can craft a large amount of content instead of a few articles in a day.

AI writing software provides users with an excellent solution for their writing needs. These tools can easily be set up and integrated into your operations. The AI writers are also a cost-effective solution as compared to hiring a large number of writers. They can do most of the work, and your team can just edit and proofread the SEO content before publishing.

Ways to Find the Right AI Writer for Your Business

With a range of AI writing software available in the market, it can get challenging for businesses to find the right one. Many AI writers offer limited free services, while others require you to pay monthly or annually. Here are some of the factors to consider when deciding which AI writer is best for your business:

Determine Your Goals and Requirements

The first thing you need to consider before getting an AI writing tool is your goals and requirements. Based on your needs, you might require a particular writing style or a deeper understanding of the subject. This will help you determine which AI writer is ideal for your business needs. If one of your goals is to write blog articles more quickly, here’s our full article on how to do that.


Original SEO Content Generation

The initial generations of AI writing tools were not merely spellcheckers, but now most of them assist with fluency, clarity, and grammar of your SEO content. They also help you with research and generating ideas for original content.

It is crucial that you find the one that helps you in producing original, high-quality SEO content. This will ensure you and your team spend less time trying to come up with ideas and more time editing and proofreading the AI-generated content before publishing.

Consider the AI writing tools with built-in templates that can further save your time and effort. You can edit the content to fine-tune it based on your company’s brand and voice.

Research Multiple AI Writers

Make sure you research various AI writers to determine their features and benefits. You will be able to assess the advantages of using those AI writing tools and determine which one meets your needs and goals.

You can ask for recommendations from partners and other resources already using AI software for their writing projects. However, what works for them might not work for you. Make use of the free trial period of these tools to check which one is more suitable.

Conducting thorough research will allow you to shortlist the AI writing tools to find the one that meets your needs.  Here’s our list of top AI writers to get you started.

User Experience

Once you have shortlisted some of the AI writing tools, you also need to consider the user experience each provides. A confusing interface and challenging integration can only delay the process and create more issues.

Consider the AI writing tool that offers self-onboarding and self-installation to smooth the integration process. Determine which one has a simple interface that doesn’t require any training and is self-explanatory.

A tool that allows you to instantly jump into the process and start producing high-quality content is the best option for you.

Integration Options

The integration options would also play a major part in ensuring the tool works efficiently with your operations. Determine which integrations the tool offers and whether it is easy to integrate it with your CMS or CRM system.


Pricing and Customer Support

Based on your content generation needs and budget, you can find the right AI writer. Many AI writing tools offer a fair usage of unlimited content for yearly or monthly packages. Others offer multiple pricing tiers. Some also allow free usage for a particular word count or initial few days (for example, Jasper offers a free trial). Check the pricing of various AI writers and compare them to find the right one for your needs.

Make sure that the AI writing tools you shortlist offer good customer support. An ideal tool would be the one that promptly responds to your query and offers 24/7 client support to resolve any issues. 

Reviews and Reputation

By now, you must have a preferred AI writing tool in mind. However, before you make the final decision, make sure to check the review of the software. Determine how long the software has been around and how well it has been received by the users.

Go through the reviews to see if there have been any negative reviews and whether the company has made changes to resolve them.

Tips to Get Started with AI Writing Tool

As AI technology continues to evolve, its benefits for multiple businesses and industries keep expanding as well. It has the capability to assist content writers and content marketers in automating repetitive tasks and reduce the pressure of producing high-quality content in less time.

Once you have decided on the right AI writing tool for your business, here are a few tips to efficiently get started:

Automating Repetitive Tasks

One of the best ways to utilize an AI writing tool is to automate repetitive tasks, for instance, recurring emails. You can use a template on the AI tool to generate and send these emails to save the energy and time that otherwise would be spent on manually performing this.

Generating Reports

Creating business reports can be a tedious task that can be simplified using an AI writing tool. AI can assist in creating comprehensive reports quickly and easily with little input and effort.


Improving Writing

The AI writing tool can help in enhancing your writing and generating unique ideas for articles and blogs. The tool can also highlight grammar and spelling mistakes while suggesting other ways to improve the overall content. It also helps you find the right SEO keywords to target.

Gathering Insights

Another valuable way of using an AI writing tool is generating valuable insights. For instance, you can use an AI writer to identify patterns and trends, potential threats and opportunities, and even predict outcomes.

While AI writing software is a powerful tool for content writing, it is essential to understand that it can’t be replaced by human intelligence. It works more beneficially as a way to improve the writing process and help your team produce faster and better content. 

Wrapping Up

AI has become a popular tool in multiple industries as it enhances the overall process and production. Major organizations have started utilizing AI writing tools for various tasks, like internal operations, customer service, and marketing.

Investing in the right AI writing tool can expedite the content writing tasks. Your team can create more quality blogs and articles in a shorter time. It removes repetitive tasks and allows your team to focus their energy and time on other crucial activities, like SEO, creating a content strategy, storytelling, and editing.

An important thing to remember is that AI writing tools can’t replace humans. Moreover, they can’t produce publish-ready SEO content. You need to edit and proofread the content produced by the AI tool before you publish the content. 

Choosing the right AI writer can play a major part in improving the writing process. Be sure to take into consideration the factors mentioned above to shortlist the tools and find the one that works best for your goals and needs.

The content marketing future is automation, and AI writing tools have started playing an integral part in helping businesses produce content. It is time you start investing in these tools to stay ahead of the game.

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