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How Often To Write Blog Posts? Ways to Quickly Create Professional Content

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The most significant part of successful content marketing is posting quality content consistently to engage the audience. With thousands of new content being published every minute, it’s no wonder many are concerned about the frequency of publishing content.

Unfortunately, there is no straightforward answer.

The number of posts you publish depends on multiple factors, including your marketing goals and industry trends. Once you have determined the posting frequency, you can quickly establish a good strategy for producing more content. Having a plan in place will ensure you stay consistent in providing relevant content to your audience.

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How Often Should You Post Content?

Some recommend publishing new content twice or once a day, while others recommend twice or thrice a week would do the trick. What works for them might not work as successfully for you and vice versa. Therefore, it is essential to determine the right posting frequency for you and your business.

Here are a few ways to determine the frequency of posting that is right for you. 

Content Marketing Goals

The most important factor is your content marketing goal. You need to have clear and defined goals first before you move forward with your strategy. There is no point in publishing two to three pieces every day without knowing what you are working for.

Your content marketing goals would depend on your business needs. It might include:

  • Increasing website traffic: You might have to publish more content to make it easier for the search engines to find and rank your websites
  • Increasing affiliate marketing revenue: You may have to develop more content focused on list posts and reviews to increase opportunities for sales.
  • Increasing awareness: You may have to produce in-depth, long-form content which can be published less frequently but offers a wealth of valuable information for the readers.

Moreover, you would also have to create social media content or filler articles to maintain and increase the engagement of your target audience. This means you have to produce faster content and publish frequently. This can be done by hiring a team of writers or using AI writing tools like Jasper.

Industry Movement

Aside from your content writing goals, you must also consider the industry trends. Determine how fast things change in your niche. Are there new resources or ideas being produced regularly? Then, you need to publish frequently. You would also have to revisit your old content to update it based on the latest news, events, and ideas.

You must also evaluate how often your competitors are posting and how their content is being received. You can even identify the type of content that works well for them and get inspiration for new content. However, never try copying a concept or a post, as this could negatively impact your business and brand.

Understanding the industry movement and your competitors will give you a better idea of how often you should post on your website and social media. As a rule of thumb, it is best to continuously post on social media to ensure your target audience remembers you, even revamping old content and posting it. 


Needs of your Audience

Another important factor to consider when deciding how often you should post are the need of your target audience. Whether you want to spread awareness about your brand or products, want to provide solutions to the customers’ problems, or increase engagement, it will all be based on your target audience.

You must understand that your priority should be to provide them with valuable content instead of just posting for the sake of posting something new. This is particularly true if you want to be positively ranked by Google.

Whenever in doubt, remember the golden rule – quality over quantity.

Experiment and Find the Right Posting Frequency

In order to find the right balance, you would have to experiment with a few different strategies. As mentioned, what works for someone, might not be ideal for you. Therefore, try publishing more content daily for a few weeks, then once a day or a few times a week to see how it goes.

Monitor the progress and impact of different posting frequencies to see what performed well and what didn’t work. You will soon identify what works well for you and your brand.

Case Studies of Blog Frequencies

If you are wondering how often you should write blog posts, you are probably trying to figure out when this whole blogging venture will pay off. When will you finally get enough traffic to start really making money from AdSense or you affiliate programs, or just see boat loads of traffic. Unfortunately, there is no magic number, and Google is always changing it’s algorithms.

That said, check out this search result on Reddit. Reddit has a very useful subreddit called “r/JustStart” where people post about their website growth, with specifics about number of articles, word counts, and Google search traffic.

Perusing the case studies, it seems like 9-12 months of consistent writing 10-15 articles per month while targeting low competition keywords will get you enough traffic to start making at least $500/mo. on standard ad networks. This may change with Google’s most recent algorithm update. I’ve created the chart below to illustrate what this typically can look like.

MonthBlog PostsTraffic from GoogleRevenue from Ads

You’ll notice that the traffic really starts taking off at 7 months (70 articles), and it will likely take 3-6 months to qualify for an ad network like AdSense or Ezoic. Blog writing is certainly a marathon, but definitely worthwhile once the traffic starts flowing.


How to Quickly Create Professional Content to Post Regularly

Once you have determined how often you should write blog posts, articles and other content for your website or social media, you have to figure out the best way to produce more content quickly. Here are some of the ways you can quickly create more professional content:

Establish a Content Strategy

The best way of regularly posting content without any delays is to create a content plan. Surprisingly, not many content marketers have developed a clear strategy for their business, resulting in low engagement and results.

When you don’t know why you are producing content, you won’t have a clear idea of how to reach your target audience. You will end up creating general content that will certainly attract an audience but not the right audience. Without a strategy, you might end up creating great content for a few days and then be out of ideas for the rest of the month.

This is the reason having a content plan works wonders in ensuring you are consistently creating valuable content. Consider the following factors to establish a strong content marketing plan:

  • Your content marketing goal
  • Your target audience and their needs
  • Your product or service that can help your target audience fulfil their needs
  • The type of content that resonates with your target audience
  • The best way of sharing the ideas with your target audience
  • How your existing content is performing

These factors will help you create a plan to produce content that will give you the best results for your content creation efforts.

Come Up With Monthly Ideas

After creating a content plan, you will also have to come up with topic ideas based on the plan. Many content creators struggle with coming up with ideas to publish frequently. The best way to deal with this is to brainstorm ideas for the entire month, so you know what you have to post.

This can be seen as an extension of the content plan where you dive deeper into determining the topics based on the events and happenings of every month. This could also include any new product launches, public holidays, and more. You will be able to establish a set plan for the entire month, allowing you to create and publish frequently.

Get Feedback from your Audience

A great way to ensure your content strategy is working and to develop more content ideas is to ask your audience. Conduct a poll or a survey on your website through email marketing, or ask your social media followers to see what they want to see more from your brand.  

Use AI Writing Tools

The most effective way to produce more professional content in less time is using AI writing tools. In the past few years, these AI tools have become more advanced than ever before and have been improving the world of content creation.

You have to provide these tools with initial guidance and instructions, like target audience, keywords, and other details and the AI writer will generate content within a few minutes. It can help you create emails, blog posts, articles, marketing copy, Meta descriptions, video scripts, emails, and more.

It can even help you with idea generation and creating a strong content plan. If you want to produce a high frequency of content in a short amount of time, then AI writing tools are the way to go.

While you have to put in initial work and thoroughly check the content before publishing, using these tools will certainly escalate your content production. It will also help you overcome writer’s block and prevent burnout. Check out our full article on ways AI writing tools can help your blog writing.


Tips to Consistently Create Good Quality Content

Here are some effective tips on creating and publishing high-quality content consistently:

  • Monitor your competitors and determine the types of content they are publishing and which of their content is performing well. This will give you a few ideas for content creation.
  • Keep providing your audience with different types of content to increase engagement and maintain their interest. You can try long-form posts, listicles, videos, infographics, and visually appealing content.
  • Go back to your already published content and revamp it to produce new content. You can simply update the information and change the structure of the post, use the content to create infographics or a video or even create a few short-form articles from a long-form post.
  • Use the content you have and are publishing to generate great social media posts.

Wrapping Up

While it is integral to determine how often you should create and publish content to increase engagement and traffic, consistency makes content marketing successful. Regularly providing your target audience with informative and relevant content will boost your ranking and increase your sales.

Be sure to clearly define your goals for content marketing to set a strong foundation. This will ensure whatever efforts you are putting in will reap good results.

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