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Our Pick of the Top 5 Solo Ad Vendors

Top solo ad vendors 2022

DISCLOSURE: We promote awesome products. This page may contain affiliate links, meaning I may get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through my links (at no cost to you).

Whether you want to create awareness for a new product, generate traffic for your affiliate marketing website in an affordable amount, or build your email list, solo ads are a great option. If you STILL don’t know what solo ads are, here’s what you’re missing out on. Solo ads employ one-to-one email advertising to deliver messages to a potential customer’s inbox, where this message (with your website’s link) is there to stay.

But wait a minute. How do you find recipients for these solo ads? That’s where solo ad vendors enter.

If you are looking for a quality traffic source to boost leads and sales, head to Udimi for solo ads. You will find the best solo ad sellers in targeted niches. Click here to sign up for free!

Who are Solo Ad Vendors?

Solo ad vendors have huge email subscriber lists that you can ‘rent’ to advertise your business. This way, you can access a large customer base and only pay when a subscriber clicks on the ad. This pay-per-click (PPC) model saves money and gets significant returns, especially for businesses with limited marketing budgets.

While there are several benefits to solo ads, there is also an inherent risk. The digital world is fraught with unscrupulous solo ad vendors with fake or ‘bot’ subscribers. This renders your efforts useless. These solo ad vendors lure business owners with 1000+ subscribers, but all of which is dead traffic. That’s arguably the biggest impediment to the effectiveness of solo ads. Here’s our full article on the pros and cons of solo ads if you want to read more on this subject.

In light of this, the only way to realize the actual value of solo ads is by working with authentic and honest solo ad vendors with a 100% organic following. Since the internet is filled with solo ad vendors advertising their services, it can be challenging to differentiate the good from the bad ones.

Top Solo Ad Vendors in 2022

This guide has extensively researched solo ads and shortlisted the top 5 solo vendors (platforms and individuals) you can use to increase your organic traffic in 2022.

1. Udimi

Udimi has been touted as a reliable platform for buying and selling solo ads. You will find a plethora of solo ad sellers who provide business owners clicks at different rates to suit their needs and budgets, all under one domain!

Since there are many different sellers, you can access various niches that suit your marketing product or service, including marketing, finance, crypto, social, health, and more. You can also choose the pricing that suits you and generate results using that filter. The prices vary, starting at just $0.40 per click to a maximum of $2.00 per click. There are other options, including sales, repeat sales, traffic source, and ratings, etc. to customize your search.

As a buyer, you can easily access a potential solo ad seller’s ranking and reviews from other buyers. We love their blind rating system as it promotes and ensures honesty, mitigating the chances of inaccurate scores. This way, you can rest assured that you get the best results for your invested money and evade the hassle of scams.

When selecting a vendor, make sure you filter by the niche of your website or product, filter by percentage of repeat customers (>20% is good), and filter by percentage of ratings that report sales (50% is good).

Variety of solo ad sellersToo many vendors could lead to a bad choice
Plenty of niches 
Filtered traffic 

Click here if you want to give Udimi a try! It’s free to sign up and browse their options. Great for sellers, too.


2. Traffic Blade

If you haven’t heard about this gem yet, let us introduce you to Traffic Blade, which is gradually gaining popularity as a viable solo ad vendor. Solo ads are beneficial but often fail due to bad email marketing lists. Traffic Blade promises its customers to solve this problem, which is precisely what sets them apart from other solo ad vendors.

They invest a lot of time and effort in nurturing healthy and communicative relationships with their subscribers. Due to this, you get access to an active and engaged audience, which is likelier to click on your link to learn more about your business.

Traffic Blade understands the buyer’s journey and sends out emails at the ‘decision stage,’ where the customer is most likely to make a purchase. They focus on email traffic, ensuring their subscriber list is free of freebies and contains only emotionally engaged and high-quality leads. They guarantee traffic, and users cannot help but rave about their services. They have different packages for you, starting at $60 for 100 visitors, $600 for 1000 visitors, and so on.

Engaged trafficMore expensive compared to other options
Offer suggestions after reviewing your orderThere may be long wait
Get a converting ad text free of cost 

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3. Traffic Domination

If you have been following the digital marketing world, you must have heard of Wayne Crowe, perhaps the undisputed king of solo ads. He promises guaranteed sales when you purchase a certain amount of traffic from his website, Traffic Domination.

What makes us trust this solo ad vendor apart from his illustrious experience in the field is bot detection and prevention strategies. This ensures you receive at least 85% of clean, organic traffic from the major English-speaking countries like the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. This naturally increases the chances of a sale as these relatively affluent countries have a higher buying power.

Instead of targeting a random email list, he focuses on creating an email subscriber list that will get maximum benefit for your business. However, he only deals with one niche, which is online BizOpp or make money online niche, which might limit its use for you. He also boasts of the largest set of testimonials, some of which you can see below. You can purchase 100 clicks for $90, 200 clicks for $176, and so on. 

Top tier traffic from major countriesNot cheap
Bot-free trafficWait time can be long
Get tips on improving your sale pagesLimited niche


4. Traffic for Me

We like Traffic for Me because it has a consistent record of providing clean traffic through its solo ads. Their tagline, which claims to make you ‘richer,’ isn’t far from the truth, at least when it comes to traffic for your business. Users praise their service and agree that this solo ad vendor does live up to its promises.

The good news with this particular website is that it is also more affordable than other options that provide clean and organic traffic like the ones mentioned above. You can start as low as $0.55 per click! But when it comes to traffic, you should be concerned about its worth more than the actual cost.

Their method is also easier and more seamless, delivering 100% clean traffic to you that is relevant to your needs. They also fight any fraud and spam, ensuring you get the best results. Unlike Traffic Domination, Traffic for Me also tackles a number of niches, including health, survival, crypto, personal development, and more. You can avail their packages with the peace that whatever you paid for is all genuine traffic.

AffordableWaiting list
100% clean traffic 
Several niches to choose from 

5. 7Days Buyer

7Days Buyer is a highly competitive solo ad seller, just what you need in today’s ever-changing marketing landscape. This solo ad vendor is dedicated to providing traffic that converts, so you get good value for money. This vendor made it to the list because it gives the clients what they want. This is effective as solo ads do not have a one-size-fits-all approach.

The first benefit to using this service is that they meticulously categorize their subscriber list. They do not waste any time on users who are not emotionally ready or invested in buying products. Instead, their sole focus is on users who are prepared for conversion. This ensures that their service not only generates traffic but revenue as well! They pledge 100% quality, which customers who have used their services corroborate. It has a trust score of 100/100.

Their extensive database list is ideal for companies that want to access a larger audience without wasting money. What sets them apart is that they have fresh solo ad lists, with at least 300 to 1200 new subscribers every day. If they don’t work, they will give you a new one for free. Other than that, they have a fast delivery that drives traffic from top-tier countries like USA, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand. They offer different packages, and you can get 28-33 c per click.

Fresh solo ad lists (new subscribers daily)Lacks reviews on commonly reviewed sites
95% tier 1 country traffic 
Delivery in 24 hours or less 
Conversion rate of 49% 


Boost Traffic with the Best Solo Ad Vendors

When you decide to opt for solo ads, the first question that comes to mind is, how much do solo ads cost per click? But instead of that, you should focus on the value you get for the cost. If you want to take advantage of solo ads, you just need to steer clear of scams and we’ll help you do that (here’s a helpful article for that). Many cheap solo ads do not provide any value and would end up harming you in the long run. Choose any of the solo ad vendors shortlisted above, and increase the chances of generating traffic (and revenue) for your business.

If you need quality solo ads traffic to boost your leads and sales, Udimi is the place to shop. It’s free to sign up, they guarantee an honest deal, and provide bullet-proof protection against fraud, spam and timewasters.

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